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Wow, I hope you post shots of those Patriots a year from now. They're going to look incredible with time. Very impressed with how they matched the shade on the straps (or is that just lighting?)
 They look fine to me. I like the variation on a pair of Marlow, just adds more to the look, as others have said. Mine look a bit different also, and to be honest it's the shots people have posted here of their high contrast, sun-faded Marlow that convinced me to finally buy a pair! But that's just me, if it is something you don't feel comfortable with then send them back.
SNS Herning Stark
  Gray. On it's way. Not sure about the fit but I grabbed the 40 based on comments in the NMWA thread. Couldn't let those guys have all the fun. http://www.yoox.com/us/39445284JL/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=39445284JL&sizeId=4
+1 to Kent Wang. I will probably pick up a second this year (the natural looks good in theory)
Here's the thing about your red watch strap. Most people in an interview won't ask you about it. They'll silently wonder why the hell you're in professional interview attire and have a bright red watch strap. When you're asked about your previous employment, you can talk about your previous employment. Or bring it up in a way that highlights skills relevant to the job you are interviewing for.  I think it can be easy to fall into the trap of "I'm interviewing for an...
@Burzan great job. If I weren't too broke (though that doesn't stop me from spending) to fiddle around w/ MTM until I get it right I would have bought those flannels also. They look every bit as good as I figured they would when I saw them online and looks like you've got the fit down quite well. Collar is awesome. Did you have have to specify a lot to get it that way or was that (apart from being unlined) pretty close to their default for a button down? I needed some...
Agree. Kind of a controversial take, maybe, but I like the shape of the Neumora more than the Mora 2.0, especially in a makeup like that gorgeous Carmina.
@mdubs Stylistically, yeah I think so. I'm quite partial to the Fifth Street though, which is obviously similar in some respects and IMO an underappreciated shoe in the AE collection. But I'm also a boot guy. Looking forward to seeing the navy shell roll in. Saw your maiden voyage in the RL Marlow wingtips by the way, congrats on them, they look great! I've been really happy with mine and they've started to lighten up a bit in the 9 or 10 months I've had them, which is...
Ughhhhh. As somebody who owns 0 pairs of Strands, between the natty trunk show and the previous #8 shell GMTO, I'm aching here guys. I don't want a pair of calf Strands though, and I find the brown shell version to be quite beautiful so really as long as a pair of cordovan strands find their way into my hands once my budget allows, I'll be happy.
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