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@NWTeal: I'll take my name off for now. I monitor the thread so if this comes into play later and I can afford it I"ll jump back in.  I have to say, I really love my snuff suede but those chocolate NST above look great.
Maybe this is just news to me but the Sanderson and Slaton (RL models) are back at RL.com and there appear to be new makeups? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=45090456 - Snuff and brown suede models of the Sanderson (I think it was previously only brown, walnut, and maybe black calf) http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=45090426 - Don't remember a brown suede slaton, I have it in snuff and it might be my favorite AE shoe.
IIRC EC and Players are both on the same last so I don't think fit should be a big issue. AE doesn't have a good SWB at the moment, does it? Could be a popular GMTO in bourbon or dark chili. Also, I'd so be in on the Portland in Snuff or Choco suede but tapped out at the moment. I think it's going to look nuts.
Asked a question a week ago about tan wool trousers and was recommended to look for ones with some textural variation or something to them to distinguish them from plain, boring tan khakis.  Thoughts on these?   http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/2881_camel_flannel___slim_fit
Brown check is great but I'm really tempted by the camel flannels. Not sure how dark they'll be in person, if they err on the side of slightly lighter, I think they'll be perfect, but should still be very versatile regardless. May have to jump on these before any multi-buy comes around. Also thanks for confirming the chambray will be made available in contemporary fit soon!  Not sure if the khakis will work for me but I may give them a shot regardless, great prices all...
Thinking of making a decent-sized purchase soon to supplement the two suits and 3 shirts I have from y'all already but I have a couple Q's first.   I'm gonna try out a pair of your washed khakis in british or navy - does anybody have wear pics of these?   Also I'd like to see those contemporary fit shirts because the slim are a bit too slim on me now.  The shirt I'd REALLY like to try though doesn't seem available in a contemporary fit at the moment:...
Disappointed that we're having a serious conversation about this now!!! I proposed this for the ECs several times back when we were debating MTO makeups. I think suede/grain or calf/grain would look great with a Merlot or Bob's chili in the mix. I think my initial proposal was brown grain shaft and merlot on the bottom. Hope this comes to life though! 
Thanks all, will keep my eye out for more pants in the brown spectrum instead.
Noodlers, basic question: thoughts on tan (think: traditional khaki color) wool trousers? Yes/No to someone who already has an array of grays? Should I go for a light brown instead?
Captoe chukka just seems bad, and again the captoe proportioning is off.  Or perhaps the captoe is actually proportioned well here but as with the Dalton there's an unfortunate amount of blank space across the top of shoe.  If you're going to MTO a chukka-style boot with a captoe, I encourage you to go for the Fifth Street. I understand it's far more formal, but just personally speaking I think this shoe looks much better. Somebody has MTO'd a burgundy shell version. Two...
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