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Anybody have the solid navy model 2 blazer? How's the fabric been wearing, does it pick up lint easily? Wrinkle?
Oooh, navy donegal sounds nice.
 Patch pocket guncheck? Hard to find an affordable one that isn't terribly outdated - maybe reds/blues on a cream or light brown base like this: Perhaps a soft navy/white windowpane flannel, with thick chalk-stripe panes like this beauty from Boglioli:  Here's what I have in my F/W wardrobe already, maybe somebody sees something they like and wants a similar fabric [[SPOILER]]
@Claghorn He'll choose San Antonio or Phoenix (who managed to jump into the discussion in a serious way) but to be honest I'm not sold on his game. Good midrange shooter, but once Timmy retires I don't see him being a cornerstone because of his game. He won't be because Kawhi will be destroying worlds but LMA also doesn't like to second banana, we saw that Portland. He'll put up w/ it now because Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are hall of famers. NBA talk always pulls me out...
Steed is British style for sure but I'd wait a bit before going down that route. You've shown photos in quite a few different RTW brands at various price points that all looked fine on you. Highlighted the important parts of what you just said. Different doesn't imply wrong and your Formosas weren't the wrong choice by any means. This isn't even about "Nobody gets from point A to Z without some stops along the way," Formosa is Z for a lot of us, including myself. You are...
Shoulders look good on you Noodles. Would help if you could go back sometime and take a shot while also wearing the pants to get a real idea of how the suit fits your frame vs your Formosas. I didn't really think the lapel looked narrow, Monkeyface, maybe just not the wide Neopolitan style we're used to seeing on here, or did you mean the peak itself seeming a little diminutive? I'm not sure what all makes the Suit Supply York line "inspired" by British tailoring but did...
I'm very happy with my pleated trousers, which are mostly double forward pleat by Polo Ralph Lauren (Corneliani). Posted a couple of pictures about a month ago in this thread when Noodles was considering them/suspenders. With a jacket, nobody can tell except me, who is very happy to have the comfort and appearance they provide. It's gotten to the point that I'm rather quickly trying to phase out my low-rise wool trousers (think Banana Republic, J Crew, etc.) for mid and...
Sounds good! I need a new suit by November so I'll probably place an order soon for the navy model 2 and some solid shirts since the mid gray core won't be ready yet, but this means I may be able to hop on it when you eventually release it in full canvas! Wearing my summer weight navy and white check shirt today with some linen pants, super comfortable as I run around town doing errands! Also looking forward to your next run of OCBDs.
Impressive releases! My size is unfortunately already sold out in the styles I want but really like the selection of fabrics.
Looking forward to seeing how the sample turns out. Thanks for being so receptive! Any more releases planned for this summer/when can we expect more new stuff?
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