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Noodles - both are fine, wear whichever one lets you focus on the interview and worry less about your appearance.
Agree w/ @YRR92. The lapels initially threw me then I tried to imagine the effect higher notches would have and realized chocsosa doesn't need or probably want to look any taller. Really smart choice.
Subscribed. Will try to remember to share. Are eBay finds acceptable?
Claghorn was discussing Yount. As for Yoox, absolutely. But then more people would use it and it would be harder to get great items or brands on deep discount, (perhaps). As it stands, the site and often crappy or hit/miss selection makes the thrill of success even more exciting
Looking forward to it Rick. @Darkside I posted a fit pic a few pages back in the navy hopsack, here again for your reference. 40R
Wow. Two Caustic Man posts I agree with in a row (SVB and the wall). Crazy days. Let's not turn this into a CM/SWD thing here though, this thread is for me to lurk in while others post pictures of themselves and critique fits without posting one of myself.
I recently purchased something from a SF Aff that was not the stated size. I was a dummy and had already removed the tag, but I sent a message right away, offered to take a photograph of the item w/ measurement to confirm, and basically said "This is my fault for not trying it on sooner. You don't have any obligation in this. But if you could take this back and offer me store credit on my next purchase I'd really appreciate it. If not, it's fine I can sell it here."  The...
8 sportcoats: 3 blue (navy or dark blue), 3 brown, 2 green (one olive, one green) 0 suits but buying a new one from Spier & Mackay soon, just sold my previous suits because they no longer fit 17 dress trousers: 5 cotton or linen-cotton blends (all shades of tan/cream), 3 brown wool (with or w/o pattern), 1 taupe wool, 1 olive melange, the rest are varying shades of gray (mostly solids). This doesn't include the 4 that I'm selling or retiring due to wear or lack...
OCBD looks good, I'll probably order it. It also looks to be a slightly brighter light blue, like a sky blue color? If so, that would be great as I love your OCBDs but sometimes wish the current blue had a bit more vibrancy/brightness to it. Now I can have both!
I wasn't an Econ major but I took every opportunity to see Ariely speak when I attended Duke. His wife is also pretty awesome, if I remember correctly she does Psych or Global Health.
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