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Looks great but TBH I'm mostly admiring the DOAK Dovers. Saw a pair over the weekend at Sid Mashburn and was soooo tempted. I need a pair in my life eventually.
Hate to ask a sizing question but I need to clear house on a bunch of shoes and want to buy the shoes I actually want this year - that includes one of the Marlow PTB and the Lindrick. I own the Marlow wingtip in a US 9.5 and it fits well w/ a tongue pad. The C&J Audley (337) I recently purchased are also long on me at 8.5E UK, no way I could have sized down to an 8 due to the width - they'll likely get an insole or tongue pad (or get sold). I can also wear the AE 65 last...
Definitely looks good. Consider a more structured shoulder for your next commission.
Are there any open orders for plaza shell wingtip boots? Decided I can't make do w/ my J Crew x Alden perf cap toes. 9.5D.
In on these Rudy Rivets. Been looking out for something like this for years. I don't own any casual pants that I really like aside from a tailored pair of Norse Project Aros Heavy for all the reasons Mike articulated.
Looking forward to some higher end, more interesting fabrics and patterns in RTW!
Also for anyone looking I'd sell both together for 390 + shipping.
Yes, both are. I received your pm, sorry I haven't had a chance to look yet.
Beautiful color!
I've been trying to avoid buying this SC but I might just have to.Edit: I have some vacation to burn before this academic year ends and I haven't been to Toronto since I was a kid. I imagine it'd be nice to visit in June, do I need to watch out for any Canadian holidays when the shop would be closed? Would be great to get my measurements on file for MTM and I could use a 4 day weekend when Houston is starting to get swampy.
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