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@An Acute Style While I don't hate any of your looks, I also haven't saved any for future reference. That is, until your most recent one. Shoes except, that's an excellent and unique outfit. Love the color palette!
I'm looking forward to the rest of the samples for fall fabrics. I like big bold patterns rather than small repeating things or very CBD stuff  like tonal glen plaids in my sportcoats, as I've got those kind of covered/they bore me. This often requires a step up in price though, but eHaberdasher is an example of another small company that's able to source some pretty great stuff at similar prices. 
Voting for 3 and 9.
@TexasTexter - Another Texan here. I agree w/ the above poster. I wear my black Fifth Streets w/ my suits all of the time, they're super comfortable and greatly preferred to my Park Aves. Honestly every time there's a seconds sale I contemplate picking up another pair in burnished brown. They're a great boot to wear with a suit because they blend in well until you go to sit down, and the shaft isn't so high that they catch on your trouser.
@Isolation (Unrelated but that jacket's too short.) I like 6906 way more than 6920, the latter definitely reads like birdsye suiting material whereas the former seems like a brown donegal-type tweed and hence sportcoat appropriate. How big is the cost difference? I think you could probably find a non-cashmere version of 6906 in some other book, but I don't know enough about fabric books to point you in the right direction.
Told myself I'd buy a suit when I got home from work today. It was sold out. Saved $300 but I kinda wish I'd spent it this morning!
So if I purchased two suits with MTM trousers, would that be like 412 CAD x2 + 50 CAD x2 = ~950CAD?
double-post, ignore.
Ughhh I wish your contemporary fit pants had an 11" rise. Would buy at least two suits. Those look great, I hope that the indigo texture is still available by the time I make up my mind/finally cave, because that shade is perfect!
Great coats, shoulders a bit narrow and sleeves a bit short for me but somebody should snap these up!
New Posts  All Forums: