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Really impressed w the ties! Happy I purchased the green/navy and burgundy/blue. Highly recommend people to buy these!
The ties look great, I think Spier should ask for your permission to share those pics :) I'm also very happy I'll be receiving the burgudny/blue tie soon!
7 > 8. Less and less interested in light gray these days, especially for a fall / winter fabric . also 24 and 26. Wouldn't buy a moleskin or cord jacket. Probably.
I'm also leaning toward a deep placketed long-sleeve popover w/ a shirt collar, unclear what type of fusing and lining to select since I want some shape but not for it to be too stiff, for the blue stripe linen (over a dress shirt). As for the olive and navy cotton/linens, I am contemplating a safari/bush shirt style in short or long-sleeve.
@spiermackay yes to the hounds tooth, I'll take one! Also I love the fabrics. Are you doing long sleeve or short sleeve popovers in RTW? Do you mind sharing which fabrics are gonna be MTM exclusive? As usual I'm probably gonna be in for one of almost every summer fabric cannot wait to see the s/s suits you have in store for us next month!
1. Bummer if its brown unless we're talking lighter than last season's tobacco brown wool/linen, I have a feeling I'll be buying at least one of these suits regardless though @spiermackay because I don't have much of a need for formal suits and I'd like more options to wear a casual suit rather than a sportcoat and trousers when out. Cannot wait to see the options we have to choose from 2. Online. The red looked a little preppy-bright, like Brooks Brothers/J Press. Would...
Grabbed a pair of ties. Went for burgundy/blue over the red/navy because the former seems a bit more matte and muted. Also picked up the navy/green. Would highly recommend brown/navy to anybody who doesn't already have a block stripe tie in this scheme (I already do).
Preview please.
I'd consider the 38R slim.
Gonna buy one or two!
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