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Please drop some solid white shirts with barrel cuffs in contemporary soon! I can't wait to get rid of this last Charles Tyrwhitt shirt sitting in my closet.
Question, I'm still looking for outwear and found a gorgeous. chesterfield on eBay. The lapel gorge is low. I'm wondering if this is as much a factor for outerwear as it is for jackets, as most of my jackets have high gorges, would it look weird or anachronistic? Pic http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxMjAw/z/QKYAAOSwcF9UXA36/$_3.JPG
 So yeah this is the one thing I don't like about these pants but I thought for like $20 USD was tolerable - the buttons don't fit great with the buttonholes and there's an awful lot of tugging on the button threads just to get the button into the hole. I just think about what else I can get for $20, and that's Old Navy, JCrew Factory, or Gap on sale (maybe BR or J Crew on deep deep sale) and this is probably just as good, if we're not including the random amazing Gap...
Highly recommend people pick up some of the khakis, at $29 CAD they're an incredible value. Got them in British, Standard, and Sage since I actually didn't own any chinos, and really like these. Trim but not skinny, and the light weight makes them perfect for summer (or in Texas, anytime that's not winter).
Rick, was totally not expecting those checked suits. WOW. You guys knocked those out of the park. Also looking forward to the brown hopsack closeups.
To those of you who keep lumping in Carmina and Alden with AE: Stop. They're easily $100+ more expensive. The leathers are better than what other companies are offering in this price range based on the Meermin and other low-end shoes I have (ie. Andrew Lock). If you're going to call yourself even semi-educated than you should know better than to write such a patently absurd rant (are you running for the 2016 GOP nomination by the way? It sure sounds like it) where you call...
Nothing wrong with calf, and I'd take those alden calfskin boots over the rare shell Dalton any day. The Dalton vamp has always bothered me, just way too much blank space.
Beautiful, Rick. Are you going to upload any of those gorgeous solid white button cuff shirts in contemporary? I see FC shirts in contemporary and both FC and button in slim.
Lapels aren't thin at all. They're normal. SF kind of skews our perception of that.
Looking for some advice on this Corneliani for RL tweed raglan balmacaan I just received. Would you keep it? What would you pair it with? And can I get away wearing it with a worsted navy suit for some upcoming winter interviews or is that universally a bad idea?  I initially started out my search for a navy or camel, notch lapel, SB topcoat to wear over my suit for residency interviews I have this winter since I currently don't have anything warm that fits over a tailored...
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