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While the label reads 40R I agree that I'd consider it a 40S. I'm about 5'9-5'10. 
If you ordered a 9.5D in the Marlow wingtip and find that it doesn't fit, I'd be interested in buying it from you at a price that lets you turn a bit of a profit as well.  Been waiting for these shoes to drop into sale range and after this recent code mishap I don't know if RL will have many more for a while.
@mimo who's the maker on those calf/suede boots? Didn't see one listed, but they look great!
Quote for basic wide black dress belt. Can you get a AE for RL Slaton in snuff suede 9.5D? Thanks a bunch!
Excellent, noted on my calendar. Thanks!
Are you going to have any more of the natural linen squares in stock this spring? Would love to get one!
That worked, thanks so much!! After a big spending 2013 I've decided to cap clothing expenses in 2014 at $1000 (total, not per purchase :P) but I'm hoping to do a fair bit of that damage on NMWA!
Hey Greg/others managing NMWA: I signed up for Founder's Circle back when I saw PTO first feature your website, but I've been unable to log-in with my email address and the "forgot my password" option doesn't send me an email - but I am on the NMWA listserv.  I seem to recall others having a similar problem when your website first launched, but I was too busy with exams to get it fixed. Can anything be done at this point? I know I've probably missed most of the deals on...
I really like how this thread works and got some good advice last time so I'm back again. Local consignment store has a pair of light gray flannel RL Rugby pants for sale. They're 70% Wool/30% poly, and would need a little bit of tailoring.  Normally I don't like poly but these feel really great, but the owner is trying to sell them for $50. When I pointed out the polyester content she was willing to drop the price to $45, but that still seems too high to me.  I picked up...
For anybody who's purchased the wool trousers, would you say these are more on the delicate end of the spectrum or good weekly (twice weekly?) workhorses that can stand up (no pun intended) to hours and hours of walking?  The Super 140s fabric is what's throwing me off but otherwise they look like an excellent value.  Also, I live in the US South so I prefer lighter weight fabrics but I do want something that will drape well, how would you describe how these pants...
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