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I won't be buying because I have a true hopsack sportcoat from SS I like quite a bit, but I'd say patch hip pockets, barchetta chest (like your current offerings) and I do like the idea of offering pants as separates. Minimal shoulder padding and light canvassing. Half-lined.
Light and Medium blue, primarily for me. I think I'd be open to a light brown or pale green stripe.On the side, I have this Brooks Brothers buttondown tattersall shirt, it's a simple solid navy grid on a white base, the squares are maybe 1x1cm and the fabric is a pinpoint oxford I think. It's getting along in years and I'd love to see such a fabric offered in MTM or OTR. I don't see it in the current custom offerings and I can't remember if it was offered in the past...
Hope this still winds up being a mid-gray as some of the initial shots showed when you guys were testing a different fabric. If it is, insta-kop for me.
@Darkside is correct. The shirt was tucked into a pair of unwashed 3sixteens and layered with a heavy wool sweater when I decided to hike the coastal trail in SF. Was not thinking ahead to how much moving, stretching, and sweating would be involved and the indigo rubbed off.   Fact: The journey would not have been as fun if the OCBD was lacking a chest pocket. I'll be buying another one of these very soon.
Should have added the white ocbd to my last order, Rick. Went for an impromptu hike on Saturday. I feel for the shirt, but it was worth it:
 I have bigger thighs, not huge, but bigger, and the contemporary fit works for me. I'm also not a professional cyclist or bodybuilder. I couldn't do their slim fit suit pants, I purchased them, tried them, and ultimately had to sell them. Also, bear in mind that jdrizzy isn't wearing a belt in all these photos, I think the rise is actually fine, and I'm someone who doesn't like the JCrew Ludlow low-rise trousers and prefers my RL by Corneliani instead. I'll see if I can...
@spiermackay This guy, make him your model.   @jdrizzy Even though I have a sportcoat and suit already from Spier & Mackay and know how great the fit is, it's awesome seeing those photos! Thanks for the effort!!! Also, that brown herringbone SC should actually be the jacket for the tobacco herringbone suit, since the SCs have patch pockets, unless the store has some special makeups not listed online. If that's part of the suit I am SO glad I ordered it now. Looks...
Exactly, I don't mind at all. And tbh I buy so much from Spier and haven't had many issues w/ returns so if I decide not to keep it, it's not really an issue as I'll apply the return credit to the batch of OCBDs they're hopefully releasing very soon.
Welp, the $50 off would have saved me slightly more than the current code but I'm gonna go ahead and give the brown tobacco herringbone suit a try anyway.
I don't know, I don't even have many excuses to wear a suit for the next couple of years, I just want the damn thing.
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