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So I received and tried on the navy 3-roll-2 hopsack from the new factory today. I've owned several Spier and Mackay suits and sportcoats, including most recently the brown guncheck from this F/W which I believe is the final iteration to come out of the previous factory.  As excellent as the guncheck is (and I've worn it a few times already, it's really nice!), this thing blows it away. The only other time I've encountered jackets that are so lightly constructed yet still...
Good deal! Posted it on the Dappered deals thread. I may grab a suit, I really need a 4 season gray suit. What would you recommend, and what has the softest shoulders?
LOL! I find the Patriot to be immensely comfortable and I've worn mine on long vacation days in San Juan, PR without problem!
Awesome news. Excited to see the new ties and the restocks, and intrigued by the knitwear! I don't know If I'd be a great tester though because I live in Texas and the winters are mild here. Are you looking to develop heavier-weight items?
Found a sample in my recent luckyscent spree I hadn't worn yet! Tea for Two. I like it quite a bit but projection and longevity are limited for me.
Bummer, wish the burgundy uni arrived today as I only want that and the blue! All of them look great though :) EDIT: F-it. Grabbed a lavender to hit the bundle.
My need for new Oxfords went from a 4/10 to 8/10 this week as it cooled down outside. Can't wait
Speaking of the Thorpe...does CS do a split toe boot? I have a brown grain "field boot" type boot from an AE GMTO (Eagle County) so the current GMTOs haven't interested me much but a burgundy or dark green grain, chocolate suede, or other textured leather split toe boot would probably motivate me to give CS a try.
@smansoor Yes, the armholes and sleeves are by no means massive like something you may find from Macy's or another mass-market retailer but if you have larger biceps you'll find the sleeves on the contemporary to be more comfortable/flattering because they're not wrapped around your arms like sausage casings.
Excited to get the new navy hopsack soon! I already have the brown guncheck and really like it, the weight lends itself to year-round wear and I may eventually pick up the navy guncheck.
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