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Rule is: Only servants wear emblems and monograms of other people.
Mostly Highlands and Western Islands.
Hi, I'm travelling to Scotland tomorrow. What distilleries of Whiskey would be nice to visit. I'm not a Whisky drinker so I have no idea where to go, what to see. Thanks in advance!
Thanks for all the tips! I will be at Edinburgh but also at the Outer Hebrides and would think there are some nice tweed shops? I was thinking more of OTR than MTM.
Hi guys, I'm going to Scotland this week. What would be a nice place to buy some Tweed clothes? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
Oh yes. I mixed it up. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Comes down to personal opinion in the end. Both Rolex and Omega are equally good. It comes down to personal preference and aesthetics. Don't know the actual debate but a year or so the watch experts - and I mean those people that are really in the know about movements - said Omega is now far behind Rolex. Don't like the Rolex design though.
Since there's been a lot of discussion about Seiko here, does anyone know a cheap source of Seiko trekking watches on the internet? This might not be the right forum for this sort of equipment but I thought one of you could know.
Imagine a bright sunny winter day with lot of gravel still on the ground. That's when my suede chukkas with rubber sole come into action.
Don't go for that one. Cemented sole. Polished binder.
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