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I agree that the proportions are off. Not so much that it'd really look weird on the foot, but it does need to be a bit stouter for that height. 
I don't anticipate any problems either. I'm just not familiar with their process and when they confirm order details, etc. I think they're still sitting on the payment for the try-on pair.
 I was talking about the 10" part. I think everyone else is getting 5" or 6." If there were any doubt about the heel, I'd have written it in red and put stars around it. 
 I've not received any confirmation about the details on the order, so I'm hoping that is indeed possible. I don't know why it wouldn't be. Should be awesome. 
Right here. I'm beginning to think I might actually be able to fit into your shoes. It's good we live on opposite coasts otherwise I might be planning a heist. And congrats on the new pair. I really want some taller pairs. I'm trying to be patient and hold out to get my 10" olive chromepaks from Nicks. 
Yes, it's distressed smooth. I put Blackrock Leather'n'Rich on them and haven't worn them out yet. I've found that though that's generally a non-darkening product, it sometimes will makes things a shade darker for a few wears. When I got these, they were a lot lighter, but seemed a bit darker than other examples of distressed I've seen. 
If this is anything like other leathers with Blackrock, it'll lighten up as soon as I wear them, though it will keep some of that shine for a while. They looked a lot more like yours when I got them. AFAIK, the horsehide is only available on the SD. But I've never asked. It's a leather I've been interested in for a while. Do you know if it's CXL? Front? Strip? Nicks was trying some out a while back and mentioned to me that they would order some and make me a pair out of it...
I picked these up from a seller on eBay a couple weeks ago. They are an Imogene & Willie distressed smooth semi-dress. The original owner couldn't get used to the arch-ease system and only wore them a few times.    I conditioned them with Blackrock Leather'n'Rich, which gave them a lot more shine that I've normally seen on distressed smooth.           
Thought I'd share some pics of my now ~1 year old 6" brown bison bounty hunters. They were worn at least twice per week through May/June and only a couple times during handsewn season summer.   For comparison here they are new.          
Those are some of the nicer Wesco builds I've seen. On their custom footwear page, those oxfords are branded Mansway. I wonder if they're Julian too. 
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