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My 8" olive chromepak boots came in earlier this week. Here are a handful of pics.                   The following show olive chromepak vs. olive chromexcel. Other than a few details, the specs are identical on these two pairs.         
I have distressed smooth, too. They're both awesome leathers. Bison is a little more wild and out there, but that pair of boots is one of the few things I own that gets strangers stopping on the street to ask questions or offer compliments. 
Here you go. They're from 2-3 months ago but little has changed since. They a bit over a year old. Bison fibers are different. Feels a bit less dense than cow but it's tougher. Break in and care is pretty much like any cow leather.
I have some 6" bounty hunters in brown bison. They're excellent. I highly recommend them.
 You can buy it straight from Horween. But if you're just starting out, do a lot of practicing on scrap first.
 Damn... I love pebbled leather. Is the red dog pebbled one of the Voyage leathers or is it something else? 
 There are different "recipes" based off the original chromexcel process. Cavalier is a common chromexcel variant.
 This is kind of a confusing subject. As I've heard it secondhand, Horween grades their leather to order specifications. There's no objective definition for "seconds" for example. So, it's hard to say for sure whether the quality of the leather used by Wolverine, Viberg, Nicks, etc. is different. One thing that I know to be absolutely true about Nicks compared to Wolverine is the thickness of the leather used. Assuming the hide surface appears fine, thicker chromexcel is...
Beyond the tanning process differences, Chromepak has a pretty different feel and look to it. To say it's hot stuffed doesn't do it justice. It's like a leather foie gras, stuffed so full of waxes and oils it can't take any more. The surface is almost sticky and it has a strong kind of industrial smell. It's probably the most water and dirt resistant leather I've ever used. And while I find it kind of a pain in the ass to work with, the pull up is insane.  I did a run of...
Just posted pics and some details over in the Nicks thread on a pair that came in today. Figured I'd share one of the pics here too.   
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