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  Nice. My indigo/indigo Kaihara chinos are already showing a few spots of pretty significant indigo loss after a handful of wears. Excited to see how they progress.
 Just added mine in. It was #244.
After 5 months and 14 days, I finally have the Kaihara Indigo/Indigo Reagan Chinos I ordered. Size is right and everything looks good with them. If they ever get stuff sorted out, I could see myself buying from them again in the future.    Forgot to mention that my order was #244
Just got a tracking number for my 2 November order, somewhere around #240. I'm hoping they fit well and all this waiting wasn't for nothing. 
It's model M3616, which I believe is on the 2298
Robert in dark grey calf with blue Itshide outsole. Seeing them sitting around at a low price for so long eventually broke me down.      
 You can find Deusis at Guarded Goods I'm at W.H. Earl 
Here are a few things I've finished recently.   W&C Show Harness Birding Journal       Thoroughbred Qtan Bridle and Deep Denim New Haven Belts
My 8" olive chromepak boots came in earlier this week. Here are a handful of pics.                   The following show olive chromepak vs. olive chromexcel. Other than a few details, the specs are identical on these two pairs.         
I have distressed smooth, too. They're both awesome leathers. Bison is a little more wild and out there, but that pair of boots is one of the few things I own that gets strangers stopping on the street to ask questions or offer compliments. 
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