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Splendid fit
Wow hopefully I can get that much. I was looking at the Loro Piana website and did see the Vicuna version. Unfortunately this one is only cashmere.
Sorry neither of them are 40R.
thrifted stuff : [[SPOILER]]
thrifted stuff (n/a) [[SPOILER]]
Burrberry London < Burrberry Brit < Burrberry Prorsum < Burrberry By Sajjad
recent thrifted stuff (n/a) [[SPOILER]]
I recently gained flying privileges on one of the major U.S. airlines. "Thrift-cations" came to mind and I imagined naturally, the thrift mecca of Los Angeles would definitely produce tons of grails.I've taken three one-day trips down to LA in the past couple months. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I hit up every goodwill, Jewish council thrift, UCLA thrift and salvation army north of LAX (from Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, downtown, and up to Van Nuys and Woodland...
Thrifted stuff from Houston (n/a). Went to about 10 Goodwill "Select" stores and this is all I found- [[SPOILER]]
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