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thrifted stuff (n/a): [[SPOILER]]
Your streak is safe. The G&H is made in Great Britain.
some thrifted stuff [[SPOILER]]
some thrifted stuff (n/a) [[SPOILER]]
Thrifted stuff (na) [[SPOILER]]
My first time thrifting in vegas.. was there for a wedding but spent a solid 2 days of thrifting, must have hit over 20 stores. I was expecting to find a lot more abandoned grails from the high rollers. I guess with all the vegas tv thrifting/storage/pawn shop shows, they do have it on lock out there.
Recent thrifted stuff, most of it from when I was in las vegas (n/a) [[SPOILER]]
Question for legal professionals.I've never been in a deposition before and have one tomorrow as a key witness for plaintiff where I would benefit as well from plaintiff winning.Would this fit be appropriate to wear? Would a suit be more optimal? TIA  [[SPOILER]]
thrifted stuff (n/a)  [[SPOILER]]
thrifted stuff (n/a): [[SPOILER]]
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