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thrifted stuff n/a [[SPOILER]]
I advise to block this guy who begged me to reduce my $32 bin price so he could "afford" them. I lowered the price for him to $27.   I've sold several of these same brand new with tag pantherella cashmere socks without any complaints.   
[[SPOILER]] It does have the matching-colored twill rectangle sewn on similar to your pic. I'm assuming this was for the '99-2000 season from the 2000NHL patch. Thanks!
Sundin yup
Thrifted this hockey jersey. Anyone know if it's an authentic game-issue? Has the fight strap but do they make replicas with them also? TIA  
I was looking at maybe a 1/2 inch to 3/4" (at most) of sleeve shortening. I think the current placement of buttons looks like it might be high enough on the sleeve to allow taking in 1/2"-3/4" without ruining the proportions.  Thanks for the info!On a related note, I needed the sleeves let out on a thrifted boglioli that the prior owner had shortened 2 button holes up. I told the tailor to let the 2 holes back out and to keep the buttons functional. The result was this...
They fit roughly as a US 44L, though the arms seem extra long
A couple of them fit nicely as is and the others would need a little waist suppression. Plus the arms are pretty long. I have long arms but I might have to bring the sleeves up a tad. Not sure how that would look though with the functional cuffs.
Continuing from the home downsizing sale from a couple days ago.  I dropped by today and they were kind enough to let me in and I bought what was left of the sport coats. I haggled them way down in price plus they threw in for free the seersucker-ish sportcoat along with stuff I missed from the initial visit: zegna trouser, RLRP shirt and 2 ties. n/a [[SPOILER]]
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