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Quote: Originally Posted by blackjack Dey is some scary-lookin' bitches! Bitches?? Naw. Those are she-males.
Robuchon is a must. One of my favorites. I'd also pick it over Boulud. Haven't been to Bouchon, but wasn't impressed with the French Laundry. Not sure if Bouchon is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Anybody done the Shafer tasting? $45 Yep. Great experience. Highly recommend. We even had the pleasure of John Shafer visiting with us in the tasting room. Very nice man.
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog I think I felt it move. That looks f'in awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen The wagyu will be delicious, but you might as well wait for a trip to Japan to have it. Wagyu < Kobe ... no contest. It's complete marketing bullshit that restaurants even mention the two in the same breath. A good U.S. ribeye will have marbeling that is proximate to the Wagyu...at a more reasonable price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Who the fuck cares. +1000000 I also read that he took a gigantic shit the next morning. I can't wait until people take Obama's pole out of their mouth.
+1 on Shafer and Phelps. Those are two of my favorites in Napa Valley. Hess wines are just OK IMO, but the art gallery is sort of cool. I'm not a big fan of Opus One wine...but I recommend a visit if only for the view from their rooftop patio. Mondavi has some nice "appointment only" tastings where you can taste some of their reserve wines. Check out their website. Despite Mondavi's mass commercial nature, I've always been a big fan of their reserve...
Both are great cars...no doubt. In my simple mind it comes down to one question: do you want to ride or do you want to drive? If you want to ride, then go with Lexus. If you want to drive, then go with BMW.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt If you are in Napa an extra day, try Cyrus. I think it is better than FL, and is owned by an ex sous chef of his. Ate at FL last week for the first time. It was good but not anywhere near great (except for the Oysters and Pearls). I think Keller's distractions (e.g., Per Se, Bouchon) may be taking a toll on FL. We had better meals at La Toque and Bistro Jeanty last week.
I agree...he's not going anywhere unless it's his decision. That said, any other coach in the country would be in deep shit if they continually signed Top 10 recruiting classes (including signing 2 to 3 McDonald's All-American every year) and didn't make the Final Four on an annual basis. Maybe Roy Williams is the other exception.
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