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No go for EU
Mid-Season batch! Brand new designs from the cloth maker we all love, in cotton and linen. This is not a mistaken early arrival, these are actual new designs directly from VBC. The cotton ties produce a nice thick 4IH and the linen ones are simply stunning, lightly interlined and untipped, handmade with handrolled edges. Asking price includes shipping anywhere in the world, as well as PayPal costs. Offers only for multiple items please, as discounts are based on...
Not working in Europe
An order is in process right now.
About "Fiori":I think they actually stock Fiorio Milano, which is Intermoda's house line. They are upscale both regarding fabric and construction quality to their licensed brand name lines (Moschino, GFF etc.). I don't know B&T's price point, but at their suggested RRP, I consider them to be quite the bargain. Most of their designs are SF-approved, too.
For someone only in the beginning stages of building their wardrobe (like me), the Blazersuit is a great way to save money, essentialy. I don't mean to offend by that, but it is obvious that it is a garment designed for maximum versatility, which can indeed be polarizing as an idea. For people that will regularly use their suit jacket as SC's and are not dogmatic as to the nature of a jacket, it can be a swiss army knife of a suit. I am too (as chobochobo) considering...
biting nails over here...
I can't vouch for their durability, but VBC flannels are both visually and textually pleasing. They feel softer to me than English flannels.
My first commision/attempt at the almighty blazersuit, shaping up nicely @MBT
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