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8.5 cm at widest point, looks slimmer though.
I didn't take it that way. Just made an observation or assumption as you may call it. I think there is an inherent sense of risk when ordering from yoox.
Because we like to thrift NWT's.You do have a point, though. The Pal Zileri blazer I mentioned earlier was certainly a store return from at least five years ago, but its main problem was that the sleeves had been shortened and had functioning (possibly handmade) buttonholes, but were 10 cm shorter than my shortest ones!!! Needless to say, it went on its way back ASAP. I did take some photos of it, and will post if anyone's curious.
2 to 3 days until completion of manufacture. Expedied shipping is available if time is pressing.
Made to measure tie clip, made by hand from pure (1000's, stamped as 950 due to lack of appropriate seal) silver. Available finishes: [Polished] [Brushed] [Matte] Standard size is 5,5cm length, 0,5cm width, 1mm thickness. The listed price corresponds to the above measurements. Significant differences in size (=weight) will be reflected in the final price, after prior agreement with you. Different shapes are also possible. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INCLUDED IN ASKED...
Pal zileri mainline navy herringbone blazer for 79€ sound good?
True. Here in Greece, you have to press very hard to go over 1000EUR for full bespoke, including fabric. We're talking at least three fittings, all handmade everything, etc.
One of the blue donegals is missing, can't remember if it's 10 or 11 and 8/14 is out of stock as well. PM me.
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