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The shirt you saw was more stretchy than 100% cotton
Wow! Great work! You made all that by hand? Damn!
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau There should also be a before and after of your bank account balance ^Yes
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh whats so crud about the movement? You can buy the movement itself on eBay for 10 bucks, that's 150 for the shell and the strap.
Quote: Originally Posted by quuz 160 bucks, comes with nato strap This is just lovely! Oh how would I love to own these. Too bad they are using a cheap Miyota 1L22 movement.
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh The SARB043 is an ugly watch You think so? I kinda like it. If you don't care about the movement, you can get a decent quartz watch for under 500, Longines has plenty of those.
I own SARB031. Bought it a year ago from a private seller on watchuseek. SARB031 is a popular model; now it is discontinued, the only way to get it is from private sellers. If you like mechanical Seiko watches, look here: SARB043 seems alright and its under $400.
The charcoal and brown donegal jacket looks quite black and white to me; a problem with my monitor?
Price drop bump
On Wednesday I got 4 merino V-neck sweater from BR. 35 each tax in. BTW this is Canada
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