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I do know a good tailor here in Boston, but I'm wondering if it's necessary to bring everything to him. He's usually quite busy. There's a dry-cleaners right in my neighborhood that advertises alterations, so I've been thinking about taking some minor work there. Repairing buttons, letting out jacket sleeves, hemming pants maybe. Is there a threshold of work that requires a real tailor? Thanks.
Price drop! $75. 65 $55 OBO Hi all, Up for sale is a pair of beautiful Allen Edmonds Walden loafers in 10.5D. They're in great condition, lots of life left in the soles. They look quite new. The only issue is some indentations in the uppers, which you can see in photo #3.   I believe the color is Burgundy. They're amazing—I just wish they would fit me! Shoe trees not included.   Thanks.
Price drop! $65 55 40. 40 dollars for a great suit.   Hi! Up for sale is one nice two-piece suit. I had it recently altered by my tailor (who also dry-cleaned it), but then I ruined the effect by losing a bunch of weight! My loss is your gain.   I believe it's 100% wool (no materials tag, though), and the union label indicates it was made in the US. Nice all-season wool, not too heavy. It's in amazing condition—I hardly ever wore it. Recently gone over by a tailor and...
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