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Thank you, much appreciated
If I may just ask one more thing, does it mean then that there is no cork under the sole, like on bespoke, since there should not be any gap to fill? It was my understanding that the gap filled by cork is created by the machine stitched welt, but my knowledge is limited so I may just be mixing things up Thank you again
Thank you so much for the informative reply! And also for all the tempting pictures you have posted
Hi I am not clear about the construction of the Spigola MTO shoes and would appreciate any input as I might be interested in purchasing a pair. The construction seems to be referred as hand sewn welt but machine stitched for the front part of the sole. Anyone could give any light on what that means? Is it similar to for example Saint Crispin and the bespoke offering from say Gaziano Girling?  Or is it like the traditional RTW from the british makers, meaning goodyear...
You could consider the R1 rubber sole which is as thin as leather and supple and light, but hard wearing and appropriate for wet weather.It is the EG equivalent of the GG wensum.I have handled both and feel they are quite perfect for nicer shoes which can meet wet conditions
Those are amazing. What colour combination are they?
I don't have my exact measurements but my wrists (and me as a whole) are pretty small. 42 is the largest I can wear I think. When it comes to style, i agree those very different. I am simply looking at something that works with suits and at the same time is not too classic looking so that it looks "old". What I liked besides of those 2 was mostly tje reverso GT but it has more disadvantages in my eyes like short power reserve, soft metal prone to scratches and no...
Thank you for your answers. I like both watches just as much and my primary and maybe only use is with a suit. My longines is the conquest, so a diver watch, too thick and quite unfomfortable with a shirt cuff. I have tried the reverso grande taille (but manual and no date with short power reserve and scratches easily), the master hometime (too thick and a bit too old looking), rolex explorer and date just, glasshute original senator 60's, cartier tank, iwc portofino and...
Good evening, I am in need of some guidance again if you could be so kind. I have been trying a lot of watches lately to find something to wear everyday with suits. The last 2 that have really cought my attention are the panerai 512 and the zenith captain central seconds with white face and pink gold markers. Are they things that could help me chose one over the other? I really liked both and they fit my wrist very well. One the zenith I get my longiness serviced for...
Hi,   In addition to the recommendations that have been made earlier for my case, I have seen the Cartier Tank Solo XL (automatic movement). I really like the looks of it, and it is much cheaper than say a Reverso for example even though I know the insides are probably not in the same category. Any thoughts on this model? It seems to have a pretty interesting history at least   Thank you
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