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Not sure. From reading the HY affiliate thread, others have said the same thing about his lack of active communication. Unfortunately, his lack of communication has turned me away from becoming a repeat customer.
price drop
Selling a pair of Howard Yount Mid Grey Tropical Wool pants size 30. Bought these from HY but the top block was too tight for my preference and I did not get a response back from HY about an exchange.   Brand new with tags. $175 $165 shipped (continental US).   Original description: 100% super 100s tropical wool (220g / 7.75oz), woven in Italy by Marzotto. Crisp tropical wool that is excellent for summer. Very slim fit and nicely tapered below the knee. Flat front....
I'm about to enter the professional world and I was wondering if I should spend more to get a canvassed MTM suit (such as one from Kent Wang) or simply try to find a decent suit off the rack from a department store or online and have it tailored. The third option is to have a local tailor make one, but I'm not nearly knowledgeable enough about suits and fabrics to trust myself with commissioning one. I have two suits, so this would be my third; but, I'm not entirely...
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