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so can anyone tell me how are the primaloft vests are? (in terms of construction and warmth) Definitely would cop the vest or bomber if i find them at a decent price later on
so no sale online?so no sale online?
any thoughts on the S/S sashiko navy shirts? very tempted to buy it but its pricey and very limited sizes available already so just wondering if its worth the purchase.
hopefully there is an american stockist by the time the winter season comes through. lovin those knits :3
checked yesterday and it was more than $7. i doubt i need a lot so i was just gonna buy the 4oz; so i'd be paying double because of shipping.EDIT: I just checked the viberg work boot site they have and shipping is even worse ($10), so i guess i cant escape the high shipping unless i get a group buy going
anyone have a suggestion on how to get obenauf if u r living in canada? ordering from their site is kinda pricey in terms of shipping prices
so what i gathered from reading the last 10 pages of this thread is that all u really need is obenauf LP as a care product right? in terms of cleaning all u need is a damp cloth and stiff brush?
thanks definitely gonna buy a scarf next season then, all the scarves i can find left for sale arent patterns i really like so i guess i'll keep a look out for next winter season. I did manage to buy a terry crewneck and hat from them. Hat was much bigger then i expected but the sweater is awesome!!
could u provide measurements or the size?
So I'm planning to clean and oil my 875s for the first time and i was wondering if its necessary to use the RW leather cleaner? or is a damp cloth and a good brushing fine? Also is the RW boot oil usable for both  beckman 9016 and iron ranger 8111? (planning to buy one of the two boots in the near future and i dont want to buy different oils for each shoe)
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