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damn, got caught sleepin on that green tea chambray from momo, any chance there will be a re-stock of those jay?
Forgot to ask a fairly important question how are the front pockets for both these pairs of denim? Are the pockets deep enough to comfortably fit a smartphone and opening big enough to put a hand in without struggle?
If i found out about the east dane sale 5min earlier i wouldve been able to get my hands on a stark, size small sold out before i could even checkout :( On that note does anyone have experiences with good sales for starks within canada (or has free shipping to canada)? Im definitely not paying for the canadian retail price after witnessing several sales disappear right before my eyes
checked it out in person its really light weight, the sales person said it was good as a transitional jacket and its warmer than it looks. But definitely not worth retail price (as are most items from w+h). Personally I'm waiting for a sale on the combat vest
Repost from sufu: Hey guys just wanted to get someone's opinion between the momo0702 and the japan blue x blue owl deep blue monster collab.   Currently im favouring the blue owl collab because they almost look like PBJxx007s from the pics that i see; plus they're unsanfornized and on the heavier side of the spectrum...kinda On the other hand 0702 with the pink inseam, lovely selvedge, and zimbabwe cotton would like to read some insight, thanks guys
are they gonna announce which locations will be selling the collection or did they announce it already?? Or will it be hell at a actual store and I should just purchase online?
fuckin beautiful jacket, unfortunately not my size
if only u shipped to canada :(
so can anyone tell me how are the primaloft vests are? (in terms of construction and warmth) Definitely would cop the vest or bomber if i find them at a decent price later on
so no sale online?so no sale online?
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