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What is the average total end to end time on these gmtos?
Does anyone have experience with both Meermin Olfe and Carmina Rain?  My Olfe's in 9.5 are great in width and length, but a bit tight on the instep.
So, I was thinking about acquiring my first pair of carminas... I'm a 10D in AE 5 last, which fits snugly but comfortably width-wise, but is really too low in the instep (laces still don't really close after break-in).  Is the rain last likely to work well for me?  If so, am I likely a 9.5? 
I wish that my feet were the same size as Stitches' so that I could buy (or steal) all of his shoes.
Steve,   Did you say at some point that you were going to be stocking some new Carmina models soon? Can you say when that might be?
 Thanks!  I may give that a try.
Sigh. Thanks for the info. I will have to find something else to get, then. That is a bummer because I really like the design of the linea maestro double monks with the medallion and no toe cap.
Does anyone have sizing advice going from AE 5 last to New Rey?  I wear a 10D in AE 5 last, which fits snugly in length and width but is a bit tight in the instep.
 I feel like one should be wearing that, sitting in a leather chair in front of a fireplace, sipping scotch.  
That's a neat vintage seiko.  I wish they currently made something that looked like that and was ~36 or 38mm.
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