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Hi Roman   I'm looking to order from the UK and was wondering if import taxes and duties are covered in the price or will we be charged these separately?   Also, do we have to add the $25 shipping perk along with our order or is there an option at checkout to select international delivery?   Many thanks.
Ah, thanks. Is there anyway I can get my hands on that from within the UK, or is it strictly limited to the US market?
Where did you find that photo? Need to know if it's Eidos too! Can you shed any light Nick?
 May I ask what shirt you're wearing in that photo? Love the way the collars hold on it.
 Thanks. Have you ever used them before? Reading around the internet they seem to have mixed to negative reviews so would be interested in your experience. Otherwise it may be a question of saving up for the Thom Sweeney.
Quote: Thanks for the replies guys. I'll definitely have a read through the threads you've linked. To answer your questions, I chose the MTM route as due to my slim build it's extrememly difficult to find suits that fit OTR, and furthermore I prefer the close fit that MTM provides. As I'm looking for the new suit to be used in rotation as part of my office wear, a durable wool medium weight will suffice, however, a better quality cut and fabric is what I'm really looking...
Hello all   I''ve been building my wardrobe up for the last year and a half and have currently got three suits in navy, charcoal, and grey heringbone.   These were bought from Dress2Kill and have served me well as entry level made to measure suits.   However, I'm now looking to take a step up and would appreciate any advice for a higher quality made to measure suit in the region of £800 - £1000.   I particularly like Thom Sweeney, however, at £1200 their price is...
Thank you all for the quick responses. I'll certainly be looking into the recommendations you've all given. I presume the high price is down to only 100 of the pieces being made. The description on their site being as follows: On an aesthetic level what really attracted me to the watch is colour combo as well as the visible balance wheel. Being a newbie to watches, I'm unsure as to what other brands produce similar looking pieces. Rotonde de Cartier is the sort of style...
Evening all   As a young man interested in making my first purchase I've had my eye on the watch below and would appreciate any feedback/advice.     Quoted price on Ferragamo's website is £1,380.00. Would this seem reasonable or overpriced? As a new graduate 6 months into my first job, that's sort of the price range I'm currently looking at so unfortunately many of the gorgeous timepieces posted on this thread are out of my reach!   Again, any feedback is much...
  Not sure. Tried a quick Google search but couldn't find that specific jacket. I bought my previous one for £800 and have seen them range from that price to £1000. Hoping those with greater online buying experience than myself can guide me a bit here.
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