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In addition to getting rid of the briefcase, you really should reconsider the rolling bag.  Don't know if you get snow, but even in rainy conditions  you don't want to be rolling through puddles.  Also, not sure what your campus is like but if you need to cross any grass you're SOL.  Not to mention, nothing says "please torment me" like a man who can't carry his books on a shoulder.  I can appreciate you are an introvert.  That's OK.  But you seem dead set on some...
A briefcase seems rather impractical.  I would suggest either a backpack or messenger bag.
First - let me say AE products are great - I own 6 pairs currently.  My first word of warning - you really need to try on specific shoes to get sizing right.  The different shape of shoe (due to the different lasts) and the higher grade leather than your standard shoe can lead to a very uncomfortable shoe.  AND, I will go so far as to say - even within the same last, due to the different types of leather from one shoe to another you could have different fits.   Now, you...
That they should have died back in the 80's.  On a college campus though?  I really can't see it.
My advice is to generally stick to the level of formality that is predominant at the school you are going to.  For any college I've been to or visited in my area of the world dress shirts are very much out of place.  Button down casual, sure.  But not dress.  Sport coats are the same way.  But, where you are attending may be different.  You can have style and still dress casually.  But, dressing too formally, or too informally will certainly make you a bit of an...
I have a hazel belt and walnut strands.  The hazel has more red to it.  I actually bought it to wear with my McTavish but it's not dark enough.  REALLY tough to try and darken  bridle leather.  In any event, while the hazel is a nice color it isn't quite a match for the walnut.  All depends on how closely you want a match.
I can't seem to get it to accept both discounts.  It will accept either individually but can't get it to take both.  How do you get it to take both?
I have to say I can't imagine a wingtip with shorts but that's just me. In fact, I'm in the "no socks" short club - either sandals, flip-flops (yes there are nice leather flip-flops) or deck shoes.   I don't have any "super casual" suits, so I can't imagine a pair of shoes that looks appropriate with both a suit and jeans either.  Bottom line, I think when you try to find a pair of shoes that works well with everything it ends up looking bad with everything.
Another "advantage" to half-soles:  walk around in wet conditions and see how that piece of leather does.  If you don't like the look of a lug sole, something like the 430 vibram has a cleaner profile but you get the benefits of an all rubber sole.  As a consumer, the only benefit I can see to the half sole is an interesting profile.  Given how difficult it is to actually see that profile, there's no good reason IMO to get it.
You've had 4 other interviews with this company.  What have you worn for those interviews?  Buying a new suit makes little sense at this point IMO.  If anything, get another shirt/tie for an existing suit.  Having sales associates help you is a good idea.  The last thing you want to do in MOST interviews is have some type of dynamic fashion statement.  Modern and classy is what you're after.  Take an existing suit back to the store and get a new shirt/tie.  At the 5th...
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