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Allen Edmonds Wilbert or Clarkstreet for shoes.  Longbranch for boot   Oak Stree Bootmakers Trench Boot   With a leather sole:  Alden Indy 403   Personally, for your budget you could get 2 pairs of the Wilberts. Black to wear with black pants and dark brown CXL to wear with everything else.   I also have a pair of Whites SemiDress - great boot.  But, the form factor is still a work boot form factor - either the Indys or the Longbranch look better with chinos
Hey Warpiper, out of curiosity where did you get your laces?  It would be nice to change-up the laces on my SDs with a little color.
Well, there are two aspects to the question: 1.  What style shoe/boot? 2.  What color?   Are you looking for one shoe that you can wear with jeans as well as chinos/dockers?   Are you always wearing them with casual attire or do you need something that can also "dress up" to a situation with a tie or jacket?   Do you need something you can wear when it's wet or snowing outside? Leather soles look a lot classier but they suck when they get wet - you're much better...
Let me throw something else out there:  I have numerous pairs of AE shoes across 3 different lasts.  If you don't yet know what a "last" is - read up on it at AE's sight.  But, without a doubt there is one last that fits me much better than the other two.  If I had to spend all day on my feet, I would want a shoe in that last.  If you can - you need to get to an AE store where you can try on shoes from the different lasts to see what fits YOUR feet better.  This is a much...
I wear 3 watches: Omega Speedy 9300 - my everyday watch Oris Diver Date - my dive / beach vacation watch / yard-work watch Citizen ecodrive - my 'beater' watch for when I go camping   Now, the citizen stays on it's bracelet.  The Oris stays on the rubber diving band   So, on to the Omega.  I alternate:  bracelet in cold weather when I'm wearing long sleeve shirts mostly and alligator in warmer months with short sleeve shirts.   Why?  Here's the reality - I like...
The best choice I made was to switch to a front pocket wallet and eliminate how many cards I carry.  IMO, it really looks bad when you can see the impression outline of a wallet in someone's back pocket.  Here is the current winner for me: http://www.ashlandleather.com/Ashland-Louis-Little-New-York-Horween-Cordovan-p/louisshell.htm
A suit is different.  A suit makes sense.  What doesn't make sense is a blazer.  A person can always use a suit for weddings and funerals.  A blazer, not so much.
Funerals are not places to make fashion statements IMO.  Navy or Charcoal suit - oxblood, DARK brown or black shoes.  I'm a big fan of oxblood shoes - they dress up or down and work with a lot of outfits.  Otherwise, ignore the snobs here who detest black shoes - and go with those.  I wouldn't call the shoes in those pictures appropriate for funerals.  If you only have 1 pair of dress shoes they should be as conservative as possible IMO.
I thought I'd chime in as a fellow midwesterner (Ohio).  I am willing to bet large quantities of money that the vast majority of attendees will NOT be in a blazer.  You'll have some in suits and the rest will be in dockers/shirt and maybe tie.  If you own a blazer - great!  If not, it isn't worth buying one.  A blazer used to be a staple of your wardrobe - 20 years ago.  It isn't now.  Heck, even TIES have very little relevance for 90% of men out there except for...
Frank & Jack - thanks for your input.  The camp moc style just isn't for me right now.  I'm just debating whether it's worth the $30 extra to get the boat shoe with the sole I want or just get the camp moc.  Sounds like everything else is the same - just the styling (4 hole vs 2 hole).
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