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Wool can withstand some wetness but it isn't meant as a raincoat.  If there's a lot of rain, you want a raincoat. For type of raincoat, I would say it depends on how much time you spend outside and what you are doing. I have a trench coat for work - but I'm not out very much and also carry an umbrella. If I'm going to be outside for an extended period and I'm not dressed for work I am wearing my northface parka with hood.  I can add or remove the fleece and can wear the...
Wook is absolutely the most versatile option.  It's amazing how much of a range in temperature you can wear it.  There are any number of styles - the peacoat being classic. 
I think unless you're wearing a boat style or moc, you should wear socks. I think the above look isn't very good. I also think that type of shoe looks bad with rolled up pants. So, I think the shoe can work with jeans - assuming socks and not rolling the jeans.
I'm sorry, there is no good answer. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a "professional looking" backpack. No backpack is going to look right over a suit coat or a top coat, etc. Let's face it, if you're wearing it on both shoulders, no matter the bag it will look completely out of place. If you're wearing it on just one shoulder, you're not getting the benefit and should just be using a sling/messenger/duffel. A rolling style bag can look more professional, but...
Just not seeing burgundy when I look at my Brown Fifth Avenues.  If they were Chili, then I could see where burgundy comes from.  I could also see if you were talking about Brown CXL But I don't see any red to my Dark Brown Fifth Avenues.  That's about as "chocolate brown" as they come.
There's nothing proprietary to MW about what you've described.  You're basically describing how basic retail behavior works.   I wish I had more time to craft this post in a more positive way, But, I don't have time.  But, this forum is about helping one another out, so I'll post it anyway.  Your "offer" comes across as incredibly pretentious.  You're a college student with very minimal industry experience.  You believe you have a great sense of fashion and believe your...
First question: What type of "secret" information about the company is a part time fashion consultant privy to? I really am curious.
As to targeted fat burning - there is no approach. Short of surgery, there is no way to reduce fat from a given part of your body. Your body decides for itself which fat stores it will burn first. Having said that, doing abdominal exercises can actually make your problem worse - as you strengthen the abdominal muscles (which are behind the fat) they will push out the fat even more.
Jonathan, You're stressing out over this too much. What you describe is fine. Dark brown with navy is perfectly fine. Just keep the tie conservative, make sure your shoes are nicely polished (you don't need them to have a mirror shine, they just need to be polished). Make sure your hair is nicely taken care of and ditch any thoughts of cologne you might have. Others may disagree on that front but I find cologne/perfume to be one of those things that can evoke a...
Thanks.  I was able to find a Canadian retailer that had the model of OSC my wife liked.  Unfortunately, after it arrived it was too small.  Really unfortunate that shipping it back cost me $70 USD.  So, won't be ordering a parka for her again unless free shipping and free returns are included.  It's the risk of ordering online without being able to try on for size.  Thanks for all the suggestions though.  Good stuff!
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