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Tough to always tell on internet, but your J&Ms are already a dark red.  You're missing a medium to dark Brown - the most versatile color.  I love the oxblood and walnut colors but I would suggest something int a mid to dark brown.  Be carful about the reddish-brown colors - they are not as versatile, IMO.   I have 2 strands - walnut and oxblood and they're my favorite shoe.  Given what you have already, I think the burnished brown might be a more versatile choice - or...
The important thing for me is the ability to carry in my front pocket.  Nothing looks worse than the indelible outline of your wallet on a quality pair of pants.  While I use a credit card most of the time, I still keep about $50 in cash because you never know.  Now, a friend uses a money clip with his license, cards and money in it.  When he pulls it out, it looks trashy to see all that. I used to carry a slim front-pocket wallet but it was a bit of a pain.  The best...
Brogues and the shoes you linked to CAN definitely be worn with casual attire - but it's more of a "dress casual" thing.  It's been a couple decades since I was in college, but the outfit you describe would definitely get strange looks (the scarf and shoes definitely) but the college you attend might be completely different.  I wear brogues with jeans on occasion but that's when I'm going out.  Wearing them to a cookout would be out of place.  In normal activity on campus,...
The fit of the shirts is fine.  I do think the pants are a bit long, especially since they are on the tapered side - you really shouldn't see them bunched up like that at along your whole lower leg.  It's amazing how much better pants look when they are the appropriate length.  Shirts and belts are fine but the shoes could definitely use an improvement - less of the big, rounded toe.  Your current boot selection is way too casual.
If you really want a dress boot - look to Alden or Allen Edmonds. 
Yeah, there is no mistaking White's for any type of dress boot.  To me, they're appropriate for jeans and that's about it.  Fashion "rules" don't really exist a whole lot anymore and many things are socially acceptable.  Still, to me, White's boots are simply a nicer "casual" boot.
those shoes should only be worn if you intend to wear black socks with shorts and are over the age of 65.
Allen Edmonds Wilbert or Clarkstreet for shoes.  Longbranch for boot   Oak Stree Bootmakers Trench Boot   With a leather sole:  Alden Indy 403   Personally, for your budget you could get 2 pairs of the Wilberts. Black to wear with black pants and dark brown CXL to wear with everything else.   I also have a pair of Whites SemiDress - great boot.  But, the form factor is still a work boot form factor - either the Indys or the Longbranch look better with chinos
Hey Warpiper, out of curiosity where did you get your laces?  It would be nice to change-up the laces on my SDs with a little color.
Well, there are two aspects to the question: 1.  What style shoe/boot? 2.  What color?   Are you looking for one shoe that you can wear with jeans as well as chinos/dockers?   Are you always wearing them with casual attire or do you need something that can also "dress up" to a situation with a tie or jacket?   Do you need something you can wear when it's wet or snowing outside? Leather soles look a lot classier but they suck when they get wet - you're much better...
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