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Thanks for the data so far. I have about 40 responses. I am looking for more from Styleforum.
Guys, Appreciate your help here. I am looking at few business ideas and appreciate if you have a minute to answer this short survey up on my blog. This should only take a minute of your time.   Can you please post your shirt, pant, and blazer sizes? Once I have enough data, I will also go ahead and publish it here and on my blog. Here is the link? http://simplifiedmen.com/post/559151...t-size-are-you Also please let me know your thoughts on the blog as well....
Yes, a spread collar is suitable. Did you try a medium spread collar and see how you look?
Not to confuse you further but in one of my recent blog post, I introduced all the various types of collars, cuts and fits.    http://simplifiedmen.com/post/54838311574/basics-101-collars-cuffs-cuts   In general, a spread collar will suit you more if you are thin. Can you mind posting a picture of your body up until your neck?    I personally use a medium spread but that's just my preference. If I have to take a guess, go for the spread collar specially if...
Here's my review on Ledbury slim shirt: http://simplifiedmen.com/post/54479698705/the-red-and-blue-starks-twill-slim-shirt-from-ledbury
Thanks GBR. What about this? http://www.bonobos.com/navy-cotton-suit-for-men-the-fairfax
Not a bad idea. Thanks
Can the jacket be used as Blazer in summer? Or Does it have to be a suit? http://www.bonobos.com/navy-linen-suit-for-men
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