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IMO Mahon makes a better DB than either A&S or Davies and I have all three. His have more softness than Davies without the extended A&S shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian Is there really a difference between an overcoat and a topcoat? English is not my mother tongue, so maybe I don't get all of the fine destinctions, but I alsways thought those two were pretty much like synonyms. So one is warmer than the other? Hard to make a definition than, how warm one item has to be, to be an overcoat etc.... Topcoat is generally 18 ounce cloth (480 grams). Worn in spring and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Green Lantern BUT, the better Hotels in San Fran will never let you down if you use their service. Hotel backed dry cleaning is pricy but you won't regret it. FYI, Four Seasons uses Alex's in Marin. Considerably less expensive to just call them directly.
Quote: Originally Posted by JGloger If only there were decent options for shirting/etc where I am. There are. Go see Freddy Vandersteen.
They must be having intermittent problems. I was on the site six hours ago but cannot reach it now.
Try to find something with grosgrain lapels. Satin is used for the manufacturer's convenience. Not in the same category as notch lapels but avoid if possible.
The sun is shining. Timbuktu for me today.
The holes in the shirts make the dumbbell too fussy in many opinions. And the shirts are useless for wear unpinned of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley That is navy, which is a far cry from midnight blue. So, my question stands: where, in RTW, can one find a midnight blue bowtie for formalwear? I believe Drakes offers a midnight blue satin - they definitely will make them up if they don't have one in stock. I don't know where one would find blue grosgrain but then I don't think I have ever seen blue grosgrain lapels.
As other posters have said use less polish. But also use the money you save for some Renovateur and apply after every wearing to condition the leather.
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