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In my opinion there is little competition for London, New York and Milan if what you are asking is a combination of well dressed men in the most stylish locations, as opposed to the badly dressed men on the streeets of any city in the world, and for shopping. Naples is a great place to have clothes made but the local dress is not particularly stylish once you exit Rubinacci. Paris has great fashion, but well dressed Parisian men go to London for their clothes. Hong Kong...
I stock several of the shoe care kits and a few other things, but not the trees at this time. The polish is private labelled Saphir Medaille d'Or.
My god, you are an idiot. You should gossip about things you were involved in so you don't make a fool of yourself.I told G&G I wasn't going to sell their shoes.Fortunately if you also want to drag G&G's name through the mud I saved the email thread between myself and G&G and will be happy to supply it to a neutral third party who can announce which of us is correct.
You'd probably be right. There are several smoother high twist weaves but I have found nothing that wears as cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del yes, content is like 45% of the screen It's just like television now! :-)
It isn't so much that silk grosgrain is expensive but that there is a lot of cheap satin out there. Satin woven to the same standards as the grosgrain used for semi-formal bowties costs about the same.
I like my oxblood dark and alternate one coat of Saphir black and two coats of mahogani.
Yes, the LL tie. The first one I ordered didn't arrive. I had Charvet make a second, and no sooner did it show up than I received a notice to pick up the first from my local post office where it had been sitting for three months. All that time I had been blaming the French unfairly. Still, someone had to be blamed.
OP says it will be his second set of dinner clothes but he does not describe what he already has. I for one have different weights, SB and DB in midnight and black. I recommend he do something similar.
Attachment 67504 The one I had handy. Cashmere and silk, 90 cm on a side.
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