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See if he has the two pair he promised me in January.
I use a good Braun electric during the week and it gives me a better shave than the barber I go to who uses a straight razor. That said, I DE wet shave on weekends because it's a luxury. The electric doesn't compare.
You're sending her $2400. Paypal will charge you $100. An fx wire is about the same. It is just part of the cost.
Just send her a wire transfer. Costs $25 at my bank.
Satin bow tie and cummerbund on A Suitable Wardrobe, along with silk socks, a cream silk scarf and black or white braces.
The other half of the custom is that slippers are supposed to be offered.
Fresco is a trademark of Minnis so technically no-one else makes it. I believe there are high twist fabrics as light as 7 ounces from Italian mills but I have no experience with them and can't recommend that you do either.
I have several unlined gloves from Jeffries. Each is at least ten years old and looks like it did when new, though admittedly they don't get too much wear.
If the shipper knows how to do the paperwork it should cruise through customs with minimal duty or VAT.
I will submit that for a purchase of half a dozen pair or more it may be less expensive to buy your socks in San Francisco. Shipping is $27 and there is no material VAT or import duty. The socks themselves are sized, and of excellent quality.
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