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Start with a square that is 16 1/2" on a side so there is some bulk to hold it in the pocket. Then fold it a minimum of twice (three times is better), so the bulk is immediately below the pocket opening. You don't need silk at the bottom of the pocket as it doesn't support the rest of the square anyway.
Just to stick up for 17 ounce flannel, it is actually fine indoors even when the heat is on. Heavier trousers do not wear hot the way jackets do and they do hang considerably better.
They are a sign that the wearer wants attention but otherwise are neithe more or less formal than a four in hand. A wool challis is less formal, as is a wool challis fih, and a midnight blue satin is more formal, just alike a midnight blue fih.
The handgrade shoes are $1275 except for boots and one model that has some extra hand stitching. The latter are $1300.
There have been several "standard" widths the past fifty years. 3 1/2" perhaps has had the most run but 2 7/8" was the width for quite a while in the 70s and 80s (assuming I have my decades right) while 3.75 to 4" was the wide standard until just a few years ago.
Flannel suits. A raincoat if it's wet. That suffices.
See if he has the two pair he promised me in January.
I use a good Braun electric during the week and it gives me a better shave than the barber I go to who uses a straight razor. That said, I DE wet shave on weekends because it's a luxury. The electric doesn't compare.
You're sending her $2400. Paypal will charge you $100. An fx wire is about the same. It is just part of the cost.
Just send her a wire transfer. Costs $25 at my bank.
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