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To the man who suggested using a sticky roller. Throw it in the trash immediately. They leave sticky stuff on the suit that captures dirt.
If the shoes are dry it will darken them initially but the color will return in a few minutes as the oil is absorbed.
A hand colored Glaser. http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/2011/10/handle.html
Never had a snag is decades of wearing birdseyes.
Red mini-carnation is the classic flower as it will look good all day without water. White carnations for evening.
Somewhat less than a two piece suit. They require more cloth but less tailoring.
But, but, they don't appear to have a hard liquor license!
Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair is an A&S guy.
Most of their ties are not made by Drakes but the ones they sell for around $135 are. A Drakes tie costs the same at wholesale with or without the Drakes label, and no merchant can sell them for $85. .
Start with a square that is 16 1/2" on a side so there is some bulk to hold it in the pocket. Then fold it a minimum of twice (three times is better), so the bulk is immediately below the pocket opening. You don't need silk at the bottom of the pocket as it doesn't support the rest of the square anyway.
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