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Not a thing. Best with flat silk laces though. A pair is about $30 from Cleverley in London.
I wear them outside in front and inside in the rear so as not to stress the lining of my jacket.
You'd need to have one to really appreciate it.
8" x 69" 36 oz madder silk with pin fringed ends. http://store.asuitablewardrobe.net/oversizedancientmadderpaisleysilkscarf.aspx
Franz Custom Tailors, 166 Geary, is the best in the area IMO. 415-986-2044.
The embroidered cummerbund would be more correct than the red tie.
My ten and twenty year old shoes still fit. Of course, I have absolutely no recollection how they fit when they were new.
Perhaps he doesn't owe you trousers?
That was Reinaldo Herrera.
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