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Linen waistcoats are the standard with morning suits and equally fine with worsteds. I wouldn't wear one with flannel.
Brushes do several good things but shining calf is not one of them. After polishing and brushing, buff with a cloth to get them to shine.
Cappelli does not have silk printed in sheets for four ties. He buys only enough silk of a single pattern to sew four or six ties, except for a couple of his staple items that he usually has in stock.
As a wise man once told me in reference to hat wearing, just wear it as is. After two or three wearings you'll have forgotten all about the buttons.
Blucher is pronounced as if you were coughing, but without the expectorant. I look forward to seeing everyone except Corbera at the Press Club even though they don't serve vodka.
You should have seven pair and your budget means probably some Lobbs and some C&Js or other brands in those price ranges. The shoes themselves would vary according to how you dress. The link is to a recommendation for the suit wearer.
He wears a white shirt after 6PM/.
It resists creasing to a much greater extent than the lighter stuff.Re weight, I wear 14 ounce linen comfortably in 90 degree heat all the time and my name is not Sator.
I've had the spring and summer stuff since mid-December.
It's been a few years but they were more than Huntsman last I knew. Another respected Parisian tailor is Camps de Luca.
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