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I don't think the rest of the line is available any longer but ASW continues to offer the Sloop in three colors, with a spectator version arriving around the end of this month.
Sized bows are only necessary with a wing collared shirt where the buckle on an adjustable tie would be visible. If you are planning to wear a wing, better to have a sized bow, even through it doesn't match. Or you could call Charvet in Paris and telephone order a sized satin bow. They stocked them last time I looked.
KHL prices are middle of the road by comparison to other Row tailors. Bespoke starts at £2500 (approximately $3,858) including VAT.
You can be comfortable in much heavier trousers than jackets and over time I have moved to pants that weigh more than my odd jackets as they drape better.13 ounce gabardine, for example, is fine in all but the hottest weather. 16 ounce flannel is good up to 65 degrees. Etc.
Wear 'em with chinos and a polo or sockless with shorts.
Linen waistcoats are the standard with morning suits and equally fine with worsteds. I wouldn't wear one with flannel.
Brushes do several good things but shining calf is not one of them. After polishing and brushing, buff with a cloth to get them to shine.
Cappelli does not have silk printed in sheets for four ties. He buys only enough silk of a single pattern to sew four or six ties, except for a couple of his staple items that he usually has in stock.
As a wise man once told me in reference to hat wearing, just wear it as is. After two or three wearings you'll have forgotten all about the buttons.
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