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I finally finished replacing all my MG stuff. Neither quality nor cut are what they should be for the price. A source like W. W. Chan is much better value.
I think it's Jules. He would not tell me who makes them but he did say it isn't Greenfield.
Those who have ordered from Anderson & Sheppard.
A hamlet really.
Glaser Designs' espresso brown Headhunter Flaptop Bag in hand-grained leather.
Naples was virtually an English colony many years ago, and the tailors learned British tailoring. That was also where the Italians learned the British look.
Linen pajamas are the best of the washables to my mind. They get very soft over time, and last longer than cotton. Your shirtmaker can run them up, or Derek Rose usually has a pair or two in its seasonal collection. Zimmerli's voile pajamas cost about the same as Rose and the quality of the cloth gives them an exceptionally nice feel. And a step down but still well made, are their jersey pjs.
If you wear a suit to work most days you will will have more flexibility with two casual suits instead of five, and a glen check that can go both ways.
The hand on the Q is comparable to Golden Bale. Too early to say how it tailors but the price seems reasonable for the quality.
I wish other tailors had it. I can't even get invoices much of the time. And shoemakers! To be able to gaze fondly at your 18 month old order...
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