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Either optimo or Brent Black.
If you can have them shortened so the adjusters are nearer to your waist and so no longer distracting from your face they will look even better.
Willy wears RTW.
Send the bespoke to Rave Fabricare in Scottsdale once a year. Cleaning will cost $50 but they will return in perfect condition.
Even with the extra two months the time is still comparable or a bit better than that of the normal travelling tailor. Even with the cost of the fitting, the price is still excellent by bespoke standards. And the fit is so much better for the first couple of garments I have never understood why they do not require a forward fitting and save some of their customers from walking around in suits that obviously need adjustment(s).
Mark already has a Drake's store in London.
I finally finished replacing all my MG stuff. Neither quality nor cut are what they should be for the price. A source like W. W. Chan is much better value.
I think it's Jules. He would not tell me who makes them but he did say it isn't Greenfield.
Those who have ordered from Anderson & Sheppard.
A hamlet really.
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