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There is a bit of misinformation in this thread. If it helps clarify: Cleverly has two ready to wear lines. The low end are made by third parties like C&J, by machine. Very few of them make it to the U.S. but the sell like mad in Japan. The Anthony Cleverly are made in a variety of workrooms to a much higher standard. They are mostly hand made but not entirely. The soles are attached by machine (attaching them by hand would make ACs the most expensive RTW shoes on...
There are about 50 articles up now, admittedly not many. There are another thousand in the process of being updated and re-written. More of them will appear once the developer fixes some problems we've encountered as we've added content.
I can't speak for other sources but my stuff comes from Cleverley. It's made in a shack not far from the wreck site.
there are photos but no text.
Either optimo or Brent Black.
If you can have them shortened so the adjusters are nearer to your waist and so no longer distracting from your face they will look even better.
Willy wears RTW.
Send the bespoke to Rave Fabricare in Scottsdale once a year. Cleaning will cost $50 but they will return in perfect condition.
Even with the extra two months the time is still comparable or a bit better than that of the normal travelling tailor. Even with the cost of the fitting, the price is still excellent by bespoke standards. And the fit is so much better for the first couple of garments I have never understood why they do not require a forward fitting and save some of their customers from walking around in suits that obviously need adjustment(s).
Mark already has a Drake's store in London.
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