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Mornin', KR3W! Behold my recent finds. Nike, the finest name in... snowboarding?   [[SPOILER]]  People love color blocks says PS   [[SPOILER]]  JP for the days you feel like crap and want to look the part    [[SPOILER]]  TNF 600, you silly goose  I have a complicated relationship with Marshall's clearance rack   [[SPOILER]]  Pro tip for my fellow flippers - peeps be going cray cray over CF stuff.    [[SPOILER]]  I don't normally f w/ Eddie Bauer, but this jacket was too...
@mainy - Awesome find w/ the chambray shirt!   So I picked up a few sportcoats today...   Marc Jacobs (50/50 wool & paper blend) [[SPOILER]]   John Varvatos [[SPOILER]]   Hickey Freeman [[SPOILER]]   Ermenegildo Zegna [[SPOILER]]   Hickey Freeman [[SPOILER]]
1 x #20 1 x #41   Sent $8
Great thread, Musehead! Here's my question:   I have a pair of B&L Predator 1 Polarized glasses (circa 1996) that I love, but the lenses are all scratched up now. What's the best way to get replacement lenses for this pre-Luxottica model? Do you know if Ray-Ban provides a lens replacement service for older models? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Found a few pairs of shoes today.   Allen Edmonds Bradley 9 D   Bally Cap Toe Oxfords 10 D   Ferragamo Burgundy Wingtips 9.5 E
Great look, Spoo.
First time poster, long time lurker. Spoo, please help me with the details of this Versace print shirt! Unfortunately, it's missing the top button :(                
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