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@El QUaG I completely agree about the Live Chat help on Need Supply.  I have used it multiple times and the staff on the other end have always been fantastic!
Hey nullspace, I received my size 366 black glacier denim on Monday and I would say that I did not notice it being drastically different than my size 36 9oz oxford, yosemite or highlands.  It may be a smidge trimmer, but nothing major from my perspective.
 Ha!  I know...I copped the Olive on Friday afternoon and the Rust over the weekend since it wasn't up yet on Friday.  Thanks for the info!
 Thanks for the info...I will try and be patient
 Is it possible to do a phone order in the meantime?  I am trying to hunt down a size small in both the rust and olive jumper button downs....not sure if you got them in? Thanks
DavidRVA - any word on when the new Rogue Territory stuff will be online?
Still available...bumping
160 Last
Dino19,   Thanks for the info...I am trying to clarify with Morgan at Viberg.  I was pretty clear that I was a US8 when I was ordering, but this could certainly be the root cause of the sizing issue for me as that would put these at a full size too big.
They are in the forums...
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