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But then the Mavs wouldn't have been able to sign Parsons if they resigned Dirk to a $20 mil/year contract Edit: I guess I just see it as the cap is the cap and it is up to each team to determine their strategy on how to build a team. I think Dirk also took a discount on his last previous contract to help the Mavs build a contender.
I keep hearing how this CBA is making the players choose between winning and getting paid, but I really don't understand how. Sure the recent CBA was a win for the owners because it lowered the players share of basketball related revenue, shortened contract lengths, and increased luxury tax payments.   But, there has been a salary cap in place for a long time and it has always been hard to build a contender. Under the previous CBA, how would that change Dirk's situation?...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALLEN-EDMONDS-LEXINGTON-MERLOT-LEATHER-CAP-TOE-OXFORDS-MENS-12E-MADE-IN-USA-/371098393223?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item5667301a87   Nice looking shoes in pretty good condition. $60 bid or $90 buy it now. If I didn't have almost the exact same shoe then I would have taken them already
Iran and Nigeria both kind of suck. They can't reach the next level and finish off any and kind of build up.   Bosnia is really good and see them going far
Wow that was almost 40 years ago! I hope you got over it    When I was in England I went with my brother and father to the England-Greece 2002 WC qualifier at Old Trafford. Greece was already eliminated and all England needed was a tie in order to qualify. We got tickets from an uncle in the Greek section that was half empty and most of the tickets were sold to England fans. This was Rehaggal's 2nd game as coach and first real game choosing the line-up so no...
Yea, we made it to CL and tied all 6 of the matches- Real Mardid and even Roma. We were undefeated and didn't even advance past the group stage! That's about the height of our European glory
Through thick and thin! 
The semifinal for the Greek Cup- Olympiakos at Paok. The game was almost called off but 2 hours later they decided to play. Great atmosphere but not much of a game though...      
Hi all. I saw this thread and emailed Carmen to see if they were heading to Miami/South Florida during their upcoming tour to NYC. She told me they could come if they can get 10 customers for appointments. Does anyone else who lives in South Florida want to commission some clothing from Burgos in May? I would like 3 shirts so I am hoping there is enough demand for them to come down to Miami.
I would love to try one on in person, and for what's its worth the Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall seems like a great location to carry the line down here. 
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