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Hey Philip, Will you be getting the WTAPS x Vans collab?
Grey Kake in Medium is too cropped for me. If anyone wants it PM me.
i had to size down 1 for the bball lows
Im a 12 and i find the toebox too short in 44 and a tad too long in 45. I wear 45s though for more comfort. I'm 6'5 though so the length doesn't bother me that much
if you have to ask go white
sold on the white. thanks
Got a grey medium. whew. that shit was quick though.
dark grey. JE acct answered this already and another person after that...
yeah they are petty as hell. I was blocked for asking if something is made in china, yet the sf acct came on here saying they stand behind their products made in china. if thats the case why the sensitivity to a simple question?
Will you be getting any of the blush CP Achilles in this season?
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