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nah they are fine. if the toe box is fine you're good. try to work the leather a little bit with your hands. I bent mine outwards so it doesnt dig into my achilles. i wear em without socks with no issues.
wings + horns basics
Waiting for these blush Achilles to stock somewhere other than End. Sold out in my size quickly.
Are these D02 or D01?
I'm 6'5 and saw that henley is too long.
Can we get a cropped ss henley please?
All this OS cropped stuff is meant to be layered which is prob why it was made thinner. I'm not trying to sweat and show of my belly in the spring.
Yeah, noticed this too. I was looking at the 80's medium blue denim. Need to try them first at the local SLP. Hope they have them
Hedi on the outs?
yeah, i saw it.
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