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Luxire, do you have a mid-grey stripe fabric similar to the picture I've attached?   
I've got a fit question as well. I've sent in a shirt of mine to be replicated but the shirt is a little too tight in the armholes and is tight across the back whenever I lean forward or cross my arms. I've asked Luxire to increase the armholes by 3/4 inch and the chest by 1 inch. Does this seem reasonable? 
Looks great! Did you send in a suit of yours to replicate?
I have a question regarding alterations. I need to make a few changes to the shirts I've received. Aside from the shipping costs, how much do alternations typically cost?
I received my 'mercer' collar bd recently. I'm out of town at the moment so can't put up any pictures of the roll etc. However, here's a picture of the shirt in the luxire packaging it arrived in:
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