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I actually just picked mine up yesterday. Took a couple pics at my desk this morning.   
Anyone whose ordered recently, how long have you been waiting? I'm just trying to get a general consensus. I ordered on April 23rd. I was told last week it would be another two to three weeks. It puts me at about 16 weeks. 
I'm looking for some new chinos. Currently wearing Nyco Slims by Outlier but they are just too tight in the thigh. I'm a size 32. I need a decent Chino pant that has some room in the thigh but is still around 8 inches at the opening. Preferably American made.    TL;DR need a looser chino with a decent taper. 
anyone know where to get red wings or other work books in small sizes? like size 5 or 5.5.    my girl wants a decent pair of work boots. just having a hard time finding her size. 
wearing mine right now. not slippery. I'm not sure what kind of vibram sole you would mount to the shoe. it would look funky with a heeled sole. the black wedge crepe it comes with is real nice. the shoe itself is actually NFSI Slip Resistant certified. Not slippery at all. 
 depends on how gaudy the derbies are. they come in a variety of colors i see. the gaudiness of your DSquared jeans should match the shoes. If you wanna buy some straight black derbies, I'd suggest getting some simple raw denim. 
Danner Mountain Light II   or    Red Wing 875
I wear a pair of Bass Weejuns out. I have the Larson I think. It's a really simple black penny loafer. It also comes in that deep burgundy or a nice brown. You can usually find a pair for under $100 online new. They're made in El Salvador I think so the quality isn't superb but they get the job done and you dont have to worry about them getting trashed. Only issue is they have a leather sole (rubber heel), but you can cap that for pretty cheap if traction is...
Its been 80 in LA all week and I've been wearing them. They're only 9 oz so its not like a pair of heavyweight denim. Just feels like some slacks with a little bit a meat to em. 
Was talking to a rep from Outlier regarding a recent order last week. I mentioned something about them doing a Nyco Blazer. She said they were actually going to be expanding the Nyco Slim offerings before anything else. She said in the coming months, they'd be releasing a whole new range of colors for the Nycos. Thought you guys might want to know. 
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