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John Bull Private Labo is a concept store owned by John Bull Jeans company.they are one of the oldest jeans manufacturing company in Japan.the concept of Private Lab is that they purchase from Top designers (Non Jeans) Clothing to sell in their stores as a complement to their jeansFor designers they are one of the best stores to deal with and the former creative director was a legitimate champion of Artisanal fashion, hence the relationship with GBS,  Lemaire etc.they are...
I wear shorts with bootsI Cut my pants cropped at the end of my calf MuscleI tuck my pants into my boots (but avoid the dreaded "muffin top" look)Wide Legged pants look good rolled, especially in linen/ hemp or some other rumpled fabric
you need black? but you are in mnelbouneI could get for you, very long ones, just don't know if its expedient to ship half the world away in terms of cost let me know
what is the thickness of the laces you need?
Great!   the length is a little long but it looks good otherwise   better pics would help!
I've felt the pain of wearing leather soles without Vibram, I don't need to learn the same lesson more than once......slipped running down a wet stairs and almost broke my back........Hospital bills and therapy cost more than CCP jointed boot. Better protect myself from injury and use the money to buy more boot, er, false idols to worship......   give money to hermes not asclepius
Vibraming soles extend the life of your shoe, protect the soles from absorbing leather in the rain/ wet season and saves your Arse from being broken by expensive boot worship. I have owned tons of shoes/ boot from Carpe // CCP// Giudi etc and i vibram every single one of them......  
It depends on the look you want the boot to have some people prefer a beaten up look so they just use a cloth and no polish or whatever there is something called neats foot oil which is possibly the best thing you can buy for your shoe/ boot it softens the leather, restore the natural oils and does not change the color.it is taken from the leg joint of a young(neat) calf.
When I said with a suit i was speaking from experience I have worn mine with everything possible and it works   well mine (well the one of many I ended up keeping) was a soft calf leather with a whitish tint to the black. I had also a cap toed derby that i sold and regretted, along with a black pair that was too small for me   the side zips also works well with suits/ dress pants too, but I much prefer laced boots in carpe diem
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