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will answer you via email later tonight        
Hello to all our friend here at Styleforum,   please be aware that today and tomorrow are the FINAL two days to take advantage of the 70% off sale on Zfactorie. the current status the the web store reflects exactly what we have in stock for sale through the site the site will be updated with the first round of new goods over the next two days and will continue to be updated until the end of the month. Please check in often to see what we have in stock as inventory will...
Overlocked "Anaxamenes" Sweater in Grey and Black wool      
I'm gonna look into this and get back to you as i received the messageone way or another i will sort this out. let me do some checking and update you via email
Sorry to everyone for my extended absence away from any kind of communication here. the last 2.5 months have been very challenging/ stressful fir us here at Zfactorie. not necessarily in a bad way. FW14 was our biggest production season so far with some of the most intricate/ complex pieces we have produced. Our production for the stores ran significantly longer than we wanted in part because we had to temporarily reduce our staff at a time when it was the most difficult...
Can you tell the nice people here how your transaction worked out?.that you bought in our online sample sale  and because the pants did not fit (not because it was the wrong item as you stated) but because the sizing just did not work  for you. you now have a first rate pants that is far superior to the sample you bought and a little (or sometimes a good bit)  patience goes a long way as i always ensure my customers are taken care of.Also I will respond to you email you...
We always have a lot of products here that are not listed on Zfactorie for many different reasons.Yes we do, but its not cost effective for us to add beanies to the sale at 70% off.you can always make an inquiry to us and we can tell you what is available and how much it is to purchase
 I see no point in going back and forth on a public forum about a private transaction we made.We are always here to serve our customers in the best way we can. Sometimes things move slower han they should or we would like. We are a small team running an artisan company and it isn't always as fluid as we would like, nor do we want our customers to view us in the same manner as a traditional retailer who does not manufacture their products.Specific to your situation. It...
This informatuion was to be provided for the SS14 (current) seasonally it however unfortunately it was never done because of so much other things to do   We do have the measurements on file, and also can gladly provide the measurements by emailing; tracking@zambarrett.com)   Also the sale is still on at 60%  with  some items have been restocked that have been sold out so if you have missed an item you can check the store now to see if it has been restocked
For all measurement request   Please send an email to: tracking@zambarrett.com     Kymoya will be sure to take care of you       bless ZB
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