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Now is,the perfect time to buy. Final markdowns + style35 code will never happen again. We are actually taking a loss on some stuff but we dont mind. The adfiliate program was started at a time when sales are on so we honor the promo
Ziggy's work is exellent. Nice gentleman too....
Strange. We now,have free international shipping on all orders over $350 USD Also the shipping cost is calculated by USPS so we dont have much control What were you looking to purchase? You can send me a PM.
i have a number of fabrics in the studio here that may fit this bill.better to send you out a set of swatches and let you decide which one is the best option for you I will do that next week when I return from Paris
@nahneun   indeed   We will have dream month in February/ March  after i return from Paris. what fabric did you see in your dreams?
be patient brother, sometimes dreams come truethere is a heavy linen Jeans coming for SS17.its a different linen from the one used on the FW16 minimalist slim pants,  but its coming for SS17 for surethey are heavily in demand, to the point where your return is not here but spoken of already..... i think you are really gonna like the pants you selected though.you know, when I designed products for the US Military, we often did the pants in S/R/ L for Short/ Regular/ long....
Great glad its working finehope you got something great!
@chobochobo Refresh your browser and try again   code should be good as: Style35  or STYLE35  both formats should work
 I am actually confused as to why people would invest time, money and resources into make fake artisanal products,.if you can make good quality products and have the resources, why not just start an actual brand rather than faking stuff that's already on the market?
@Lohikaarme. here is a picture of the sleeve of the jacket, to give you a good visual of what it is.......  
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