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If I go to ship a label through eBay and it says "Invalid address. Click "Change" to revise it.Invalid address. Click "Change" to revise it." What should I do?  I looked it up and it is indeed a real business.  Thanks for any help.
Which service option (envelope, box) etc. do you guys use on the paypal shipping checkout page for a USPS Mailing Envelope with dimensions 11.625 x 15.125?  Don't see it as one of the options.  Thanks.
 Old post, but I go to VT as well.  Accounting and Finance '15
Anyone know where Paul Smith shirts are made?  Think I might have picked up a fake today on accident (says made in Romania).  Quality is decent otherwise.
 3 happens to me often.  I usually grab them for myself if I like the pattern anyway since ties are $1 here.
 Anyone know?  Going to the USPS today, and would rather not mess this up.
If I just sold something through the global shipping program (going to Canada) do I just put the exact address that is on the ebay invoice?   It looks like this:   Reference #ORAAA00000008763XXXX 1850 Airport Exchange Blvd #200 Erlanger, KY 41018 United States   Also, is it fine if I use a regular priority mail box even if it's going to Canada?  Thanks guys.
Hey guys, have a quick question.   When paypal/ebay sends you your tax information for transactions done throughout the year, what do they calculate your taxable income as?   Is taxable income the total of any purchases/inflow, or is it the total inflow- total outflow(payments, etc)?   Hope this makes sense.  Thanks.
No one is forcing these kids (or parents) to buy stuff from him...
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