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I find this extremely interesting. A relative of mine researched our family tree, we had a rough idea what to expect as our surname is of Irish descent. We managed to trace back to the mid 1700s where, as far as we can tell, our family originated from Lisburn, County Antrim in Northern Ireland. I've got direct family that stay there as it is, but knowing the place where we came from gave me a cool sense of pride. As it turned out my family moved to Scotland due to...
Modern day dandy myself...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Oh this is great! I'm actually taking a trip there this summer... so this helps a lot, thanks! Your more than welcome mate. Like I said it's a fantastic place, plus Edinburgh is in the central belt of Scotland, so your no more than 30 minutes drive from St Andrews, Stirling(Braveheart thing) or Glasgow.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast I've also considered London as well, I have British heritage, love the history and overall style of the city. JB I've been to London a couple of times, overall it's a nice place but life moves so fast there, it's a proper rat race. I prefer a more easy going place myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan It would go down well. Maybe not Love Actually well, but with a minimum of social grace, the Brits/Scots/Irish make quite a killing over here. That's what I'm thinking too, perhaps a trip over is in order I like American women too much... Ha!
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson That's kinda funny, b/c my #2 and 3 on my list are Edinburgh and SF. Ironic. Indeed... Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket area of the City. A wee taste for you...
I'm more than happy with Edinburgh right now, but i really do want to live in San Francisco one day. The place look's really relaxed. Plus I'm sure my Scottish accent would go down well in the States.
Sounds similar to the old favourite Batteries Not Included. I know it's not as you mention a ranch and what not, best ignore what I've just posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Hibs! Lazio!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Yes, soccer is wonderful. 2 hours of exciting near misses. Hooligans. Ape sounds made by the fans and banana's thrown on the field at black players. Players killed when they make a mistake. Incredibly drunk fans at the games. More f*cking sponsorship logos than NASCAR. I'll stick with baseball and college basketball, thank you. Gawd i love football Over here football(soccer) is more or less life for...
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