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Also, I found this image. What do you guys think those boots are??  
Are your finland boots made of yearling? I'm almost entirely decided on taking my boots with me on the grand adventure/road trip.
Are yours made of yearling? I don't plan on doing any crazy hiking, just a lot of walking, nothing intense. 
So my brothers and I are planning on going on a road trip to the south starting memorial day, and coming back 2 weeks later. We're hitting VA, NC, SC, GA, LA, TN, KY and back to NYC again. I plan on bringing running shoes for any hiking we end up doing, but would RMs be suitable for the other days? I'd bring trees, but would they get completely destroyed from being work 10 days over the course of 2 weeks, and is this a huge, huge mistake? If the weather gets bad, or if I...
Yeah this is disappointing. I need to get some stockmans polish but I have no idea where to get it now that the shop is closed. 
 Lol 5 pairs of macquaries and one schmuck who wanted a craftsman instead.   TIts, Notorious is my brother. That's basically how our family works. If one person finds something that's a really good deal, they immediately tell the others and if it's cheap enough and going to get sold out quickly, that person provides the item as well. With RMs, we did some really diligent research, took the plunge, and when the rest of the family saw the boots, they were sold. I wear them...
I second this! How often do you wear them, would you say?  But my main concern is if i wear them hard, do I risk really gashing the yearling, the way I might with a pair of calf dress shoes?
I have a sort of general bat signal question to all RM wearers. I've been wearing mine since september, roughly 2 times a week, and there are occasional nicks and dings on the leather that I don't really notice on other shoes. I have black, yearling macquaries. I've also babied my shoes with conditioner, saphir, and trees.    My question is: How durable are RMs, and especially in yearling leather. Are they going to get ruined after mud or rain, or will the leather tear...
I saw this actually, and it's what convinced me these were as badass as I thought. I tried to figure out what model it was. My first guess was rigger, but that's too esoteric of an RM model, then gardener. But don't you think it's likely the comfort craftman in chestnut yearling, the most common RM boot around? That's the only one that if you go into an RM store and need to buy a boot, they'll have 100% of the time right?
Bump, anybody have any codes at all?
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