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 Woolrich John Rich & Bros is the mid-tier line of theirs, if I remember correctly. I think the hierarchy of current lines goes Woolrich Originals (green label)  < Woolrich JR&B (navy label) < Woolrich White (white label). I have a few Woolrich JRB shirts and a blazer and it's decent stuff but there's not much resale on it in my experience. Woolrich Woolen Mills (aka WWM, black label similar to the old Woolrich label) is a discontinued line that Mcnairy and Suzuki both...
NM found my answer!   US sellers: I've been shipping USPS via a proxy for a while now, and had an instance this morning where a customer is claiming an item never arrived, though tracking shows it was delivered (and he acknowledged this in his email). With Canada Post I know the sender has to open a case with the postal service, is it the same with the USPS, or is the recipient supposed to contact the USPS, or both/either? Thanks!
 under Selling > Manage Store > Store Vacation Settings there's an option to set up an autoreply.  
Took a trip down to Great Falls to visit the legendary Sip 'n' Dip and did some thrifting en route. As expected, no worthwhile tailoring but found some fun vintage stuff.  snapbacks and a Thai neck-shade cap  [[SPOILER]]   Italian-made Fila track jacket  sweatshirts ('91 Twins and Little League ones are my faves)  tommy carpenter jeans  buncha tees and one of those football crop-tops that came up last week  Merrill Woolen Mills board shirts (N/A), Big Mac chambray with...
updated my earlier post with links to the two auctions. Thanks Spoo for organizing this and thanks to all the participants and bidders!
I'll be listing this NWT Eton tie and Zegna sport coat.   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Couple stores last night.  Coogi-alike, vtg Etnies, great Lee sweatshirt that I wish fit, and BOOM POW Lucky Peach issue 1.  Women's Woolrich, Band Of Outsiders flannel (pop), Lee Valley grandpa shirt x2, vtg Levi's western shirt.  vintage Lee and Canadian Airborne Regiment tees   Decent vintage 10-speed in great shape. Too big for me, wish I was a little bit taller (baller, girl, rabbit, '64 Impala &c.)  [[SPOILER]]
Some pickups this week - nothing spectacular but some dumb vintage fun for people who like that sort of thing.  snapbacks (Cannons ones N/A)    [[SPOILER]]   Canadiens track jacket, M  Button-ups (RG, BBGF, Etro, vtg Wrangler, Chase Authentics NASCAR shirt, NWT Psycho Bunny [pop] and McNairy [pop])  Tees, vintage and otherwise (Ukranian Bootleg Bart is NA)  Reigning Champ coach's jacket with cool iridescent pattern, L     [[SPOILER]]    Sweatshirts, vintage and otherwise...
Haven't posted many finds lately because it's just been boring fodder, but I did get to check off the oh-so-rare personal kop last night. Been looking for a pair of chunky shoes for a while and found a pair of English-made Doc Marten derbies in great shape.  
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