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Couple stores last night.  Coogi-alike, vtg Etnies, great Lee sweatshirt that I wish fit, and BOOM POW Lucky Peach issue 1.  Women's Woolrich, Band Of Outsiders flannel (pop), Lee Valley grandpa shirt x2, vtg Levi's western shirt.  vintage Lee and Canadian Airborne Regiment tees   Decent vintage 10-speed in great shape. Too big for me, wish I was a little bit taller (baller, girl, rabbit, '64 Impala &c.)  [[SPOILER]]
Some pickups this week - nothing spectacular but some dumb vintage fun for people who like that sort of thing.  snapbacks (Cannons ones N/A)    [[SPOILER]]   Canadiens track jacket, M  Button-ups (RG, BBGF, Etro, vtg Wrangler, Chase Authentics NASCAR shirt, NWT Psycho Bunny [pop] and McNairy [pop])  Tees, vintage and otherwise (Ukranian Bootleg Bart is NA)  Reigning Champ coach's jacket with cool iridescent pattern, L     [[SPOILER]]    Sweatshirts, vintage and otherwise...
Haven't posted many finds lately because it's just been boring fodder, but I did get to check off the oh-so-rare personal kop last night. Been looking for a pair of chunky shoes for a while and found a pair of English-made Doc Marten derbies in great shape.  
 The only neg I ever got was when I did this as I was packing a tie to ship. I explained the situation and asked if the buyer wanted a refund, or I could still ship and would knock 30% off the item. She took the 30% and then filed a NAD claim and negged me anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 oh my god that's so awesome.
 That is a Dayton shirt, the exact thing my signature says I'm always on the lookout for :-)
 There's a leatherbound one on eBay right now for fairly cheap, only two hours left on the listing though so hop to it! sorry, this is the eating one, not the drinking one. mea culpa
 It's been professionally graded and got an extremely rare 10/10 score on condition. Sports cards are the same way as comics, the pricing can vary wildly based on condition (and of course a lot of that hinges on getting the item pro-graded).
haven't been out at the thrifts lately - trying to get through my backlog. Had 10 mins to kill before an appointment and popped into a VV.   minty big boy Cheaneys, some Sargent chelseas, and some weird hybrid Gamos.  
[[SPOILER]]  Awesome record haul!
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