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 Coke Magic did a one and another design at some point, I think around 2013 (I got a Three 6 "Mystic Stylez" shirt and remember seeing them). Closest they currently have up is this Trick Daddy & Trina shirt. I think they're made to order, so you could also just email them and see if they still have the art and will run one for you.
 New with defects?
 I think these are the paper bits that accumulate in a 3-hole punch. ETA: those Punch and Block Buster shirts are awesome.
well I broke my no-thrift streak today but I feel OK about it. One stop one kop. XL, NA for now  
 Those Pendleton jackets are "Topster" model, if you wind up listing them.
 Unfortunately Canadians don't get access to the Ship Now service anymore, as of mid-2015 (IIRC). Not sure why exactly.
 There are a half-dozen sold comps with the cheapest at $275; I'd pick it up, try and turn it around in a month, and return it if it didn't sell.
  Choked this one isn't my size (N/A, late christmas gift for a hiking buddy)     vtg Tultex (XL)     vtg Guess (XL)     Icebreaker full zip (XXL)     Arcteryx 1/4-zip (XL)
[[SPOILER]]  I believe that's a pretty recent piece, the deal with WP Lavori happened in 2014. Most of the Woolrich John Rich & Bros stuff I've seen has been made in China or India.
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