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Big photo dump, so spoilered for mobile folks. Some backlog, some new, all not posted here yet. Tailoring  [[SPOILER]]  Sweaters and sweatshirts  [[SPOILER]]  Outerwear [[SPOILER]]  Shirts  [[SPOILER]]
 Yup. I just found a manufacturer in my city and their boxes/envelopes/tape are way cheaper than eBay's and Staples'. @M. Bardamu I'd just google "shipping supplies (your city)" or "packaging supplies (your city)" and see if there's somewhere you can pick up locally.
6/10 on the non-US list (7 if my "contains some purple" jersey counts), only had time for two stores though. Coulda been 8 but totally forgot about the flamingo selfie.     MiJ     BB     L7 shoes     spanish phrasebook counts right?     the main colour isn't purple but it's as close as I could find     Matchbox car     Monogram (not sure this counts as a monogram per se since it's not embroidered on the shirt, but with <10 I ain't...
 Wild-ass guess but possibly New England Outerwear Co? A place near my work sells them and those are kind of ringing a bell. Can't find an exact match for that model though.NM, SWB's got it
 Lots of '88 olympics stuff around here but never anything that cool. Great find! 
@Tom Pepper I think small-to-mid scale, repeating, non-paisley patterns like that are generally called "neats" or "foulards", though I've seen "medallion" used as well. 
 I've been too busy with my day job to get out the last couple weeks, but I'm super jealous of this t-shirt!
 Coke Magic did a one and another design at some point, I think around 2013 (I got a Three 6 "Mystic Stylez" shirt and remember seeing them). Closest they currently have up is this Trick Daddy & Trina shirt. I think they're made to order, so you could also just email them and see if they still have the art and will run one for you.
 New with defects?
 I think these are the paper bits that accumulate in a 3-hole punch. ETA: those Punch and Block Buster shirts are awesome.
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