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@SpooPoker (insane fucking haul btw) or other fuhsace experts... pre-death?       
 Ah shit. A bit of googling and it looks like I got burned. Ah well, will return I suppose.
***Probably fake so feel free to laugh at the hubris below***   Got a text from a friend who wanted to hit the racks tonight. I waffled for a while because I'm traveling soon and didn't want to spend money/take on new inventory. So I came along on with a "grails only" stipulation; no fodder, no bullshit.   Five stops, one kop, one pop. Missing the belt and bottom button but I spent more on lunch. Single-breasted short trench, anyone know the model?          
 Police helicopters, at least according to Ice Cube. 
 This post will have 25+ thumbs from people like me verifying that thumb comments are, in fact, gone
  Huh. Had no idea on either of these. I figured tags were tags!
 This is how I've gone in the past, just cut the price off the marshall's tag first 
 $550 Canadian, so about $440 USD. Weak CAD makes for much more palatable prices for those stateside at the moment.
Took the day off yesterday and did a circuit around the city. Second Buffercoat in a month  Alphet Industries parka (S) and MA-1 (XXL)  NWT Unbranded selvedge, 30 (dibsed)  Barbour x2 (L) BBRF x2 (M) Varvatos x2 (XL)  Gap navy seersucker jacket for personal use  K-Way style packable windbreaker, L  Etro (42) Canali Sportswear rainbow seersucker (L) Paul & Shark (41) EZ x2 (15.5 and 16), Wings & Horns (L)  Nice textured black Charvet and a kind of fugly Barbera  Pal ZIl...
post removed because on second thought it was a bad idea
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