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 Got those ties, thanks for the tip! I love that EG does ties in their shirting fabrics.
I listen to a playlist I made. It's all rap songs about getting money. Turns out there are quite a few of those.
  In-fucking-credible... Now post the receipt!  
Jumped out of bed this morning to hit the one store I'd missed this week before it got too crazy. Colours are off due to morning light, pretend everything is less blue.   Barker house shoes, 9     AE El Paso, 8.5 D     Aquascutum silk scarf     PRL cotton PS/hanky     Canali suit, 56R. Colour is actually a dark grey with white pinstripes.       Reunited this Samuelsohn suit in my size. 2 button, dual vent, flat front pants, 10% cashmere blend,...
 Sorry to hear about your kitty. 
I got you. PM incoming when I dig the case up.
 You should PM Brianpore or SpooPoker, just two of the thread inhabitants that take consignments. Everyone has the patience to be a Box Some Stuff Up And Collect A Cheque Guy.
 Depends on value IMO. I've never had a problem shipping there (20+ transactions over the years) but I've heard some real horror stories. I probably wouldn't ship anything I would feel put out by losing, say more than $50.
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