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 hello from Calgary
[[SPOILER]]  The "Lee" tag on the left pocket flap has the ® and MR, which I believe puts it 1970s or later. 
*raises hand
"P-Wing" refers to Polo pieces with the collegiate-style P and Hermes/Mercury foot.     There are also pieces with a winged P (wing on one or both sides) as well, like these:     both are worth picking up (IMO if they're cheap enough) but the ones with the foot are the big money as far as I can tell.
Anyone have an idea of who made this jacket? English made, these are the only labels I can find:      
 Doesn't look pleated from here but might just be the angle of the pic?
LA-area guys: I'm going to be in Anaheim and LA tomorrow through Monday morning. I'm tied up Fri/Sat but if anyone has recommendations for things to do Thursday evening or Sunday evening, or wants to grab a beer or hit up a couple stores, send a PM.
 "Medium" font looks super janky but I have no expertise in the matter.
Top of my santa wishlist are the following: -OCBDs with generous collar point length, 16.5 - 35, traditional fit preferred -crewneck sweatshirts in L or XL, plain or with graphics (pref. vintage-type graphics) -pants in 38 x 32 (wool flannels, corduroys, denim, duck, whatever really, pleats or FF, just need more pants) -sport coats in 42R-44R (throw as much navy and plaid at me as you want, patch pockets are preferred) -workwear-type outerwear (chore coats etc) in...
 Man, Pleasure Victim is such a great record. Those who only know Berlin from the Top Gun soundtrack should give it a listen.  
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