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 Man, Pleasure Victim is such a great record. Those who only know Berlin from the Top Gun soundtrack should give it a listen.  
packing so much flex into one picture
 amazing post that won't get the shine it deserves
 I use these multi-pair pants hangers to keep ties on, they may work for your purposes as well? 
I've been super busy with my day job lately and haven't had much time to go out. This is the last couple months worth.  Levi's fatigues (N/A)  BB santa tie (N/A), NWT VV Canadian Oil Producers  Walk-Over longwings (pop) 10.5, Loake p-loafs, sz. 100 (?)    [[SPOILER]]  Vintage (1953) CNR railman's vest, hopefully some railfan will want it   Golden Bear for Unionmade varsity, L (pop)  no-name chore coat and Style Auto Corvette jacket (XL)  Jack Spade plaid, L (pop)  vintage...
 I've used drawnames.com for a few years now for a small secret santa group. I'm not sure about point 3, since we do the exchange in person, but it definitely does the drawing/generation for you, allows you to ask questions anonymously of the person whose name you've drawn, and I have never heard from them contact-wise.
damn, wish it wasn't a short
hard to tell but looks like it could be an aviator helmet? One of these sort of things?     ETA: here's a Buco leather one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-BUCO-BLACK-LEATHER-FLYING-HELMET-/112117703258
Speaking of The Tommy We're Looking For, there's a pretty good piece about the Tommy empire and its relationship with hip-hop in Complex this week: http://www.complex.com/style/2016/08/tommy-hilfiger-hiphop-oral-history
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