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 To be frank, I hadn't noticeddidn't see in the remotestthat my suffixes were closestand the cadence was so focused. I swear, I had no motiveI had not a thought devotedto my phrases' rhythm, potentjust a plus, a perk, a bonus.
Shouts to @thriftydood for the quilted Patagonia top! Just in time for the September temperature drop.
Flip brag (nothing on Wes' last one, but decent enough for a small-timer like me): paid $6, sold for $100.       http://www.ebay.com/itm/321380877332
 No, believe me, this stuff is DONE. The ones I considered salvageable are the few that had inner sleeves, so the vinyl didn't get completely hammered. Most had moisture damage to the point where the sleeve had completely fused into the vinyl. Some had actual mold on the record. It's really too bad, as there was a ton of 60s-70s rock (Moody Blues, Cream, Janis, Elton, Beatles, Stones, etc.) hippie folk, some great country and old Chess Records blues stuff, and even some...
Jesus Christ, Nat. Nailed it. One of the other salvageable ones along with Ravi Shankar "Six Ragas", Eric Clapton S/T, Fats Domino "Blueberry Hill" and another Loretta LP.
Always fun to catch up on this thread after a few hundred posts. Went up to my wife's parents' farm this weekend and with their permission, thrifted through their barns and sheds for some treats. Pics stolen from my wife's Instagram so excuse the potato vibe. My father-in-law is a really interesting guy. Grew up in a trapping family in northern Alberta, got into cattle ranching afterward, eventually became mayor of their tiny burg, and occasionally is on TV when a news...
Had time to hit one store before I met my wife for dinner. Everything is available. Pal Zil abito privato, navy 2-button suit, 58 EU    [[SPOILER]]   BEEN HAD POLO (COUNTRY) chore coat, XL I know this has been asked a jillion times but this was the RRL precursor, yes?    [[SPOILER]]   Awesome Tod's sneakers, 7.5   [[SPOILER]]
Sounds about right to me. Too many wingdings calling any old thing NWOT. I've seen guys out on the town with the vent still basted shut on their jacket... Doesn't prove a thing.
 (low whistle)
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