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this guy thrifted Lombardi's West Point coach's sweater. Segment starts at 2:55.     22 days left on the auction, currently at $6K
 The seller might not agree to PayPal in this case anyway, if you're picking it up in person. He has no proof (as PayPal is concerned) of delivery of goods, so there'd be nothing stopping a buyer who paid via PayPal and picked up goods in person from filing an Item Not Received claim and winning. (obviously I'm not saying you're a shady person who would do such a thing, but it's a legitimate concern the seller might have).
GARAGESALE USERS:   I use these little notes to track where an item is on my shelves. Is there a field within GarageSale to input these, or do I have to manually add them through eBay?  
 East German border guards. Those jackets sell in the 20-30 range, not sure about complete uniform
 That Spiewak coat...   then I get to the next page and see those paintings... my jaw literally dropped.
For everyone like me who has no idea what "a Milanese" is, I'll save you the googling.   oh, and a "cran necker" for good measure
 Engineered Garments spring/summer '16
anyone like streetwear? 'scuse the potato pics Swiss Army camo m83 jacket  2 Uniqlo x Undercover button downs, S  Swandri wool bomber, M (tentatively gone)  vtg Adidas track jacket, M  Originalfake kaws longsleeve, sz. 1   [[SPOILER]]   Kingdom of Tonga rugby shirt, S    [[SPOILER]]   W+H hoodie, M (tentatively gone)  'Preme NHL hoodie, L (tentatively gone)    [[SPOILER]]  2 Reigning Champ sweatshirts, S (tentatively gone)   Palace Skateboards tee, M    [[SPOILER]]   W+H...
 still so jealous of this thing
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