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Came home to a Luxeswap package that definitely wasn't big enough to hold the pants I won on Sunday...   [[SPOILER]]
I believe the flip-table setup was @HansderHund 
 Threw down a few bids before I left the house. Didn't win any of Brian's Ring Jacket stuff, but I've got a couple pairs of pants coming my way via Spoo! Much respect to you guys doing charity auctions, very thoughtful!
Doing another pop-up today. Wheeeeeeee
shouts to @tben for a spectacular price on this EG cashmere tie and prompt shipping as well. One week from the US to Canada via First Class is impressive.  
Second most recent IIRC.
 I kiiiiiind of love this (but would never wear it)
 Saint Dudenine is pretty much the best name I've ever heard. Just can't decide whether to turn it into a wild west sorcerer anime or a Ron Mexico-style alias.
That's what I would do. And since you're shipping from Canada it's probably not an insignificant chunk of change either. I'm sure dude will be stoked.
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