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 I think it's just the "rounded collar shirt," I have a blue one from a few seasons ago. Hidden placket except the top and bottom buttons?
 I have the same one in black. Good choice.
Hit four stores after work yesterday and came out nearly empty-handed. Filson Tin Cloth Packer hat, M, vintage Banana Republic safari bucket, S. Both available.   [[SPOILER]]
 $10 a pop via Tie Bar
A pile of 1990s:     1990 Penguins crew, M       Sturgis '90 Harley shirt, L     Rushmore '91, L     Local ringer tee with a fun graphic, L     some trip-hop and IDM trunk-rattlers for the car. I paid like $25 each "import" prices for the Aphex and Squarepusher stuff in the 90s and they all went missing over the years... Happy to get them back at a buck each.
 moi (and probably others too)
Nothing spectacular, but a few cool things.* All available. *YMMV   Vintage Club Monaco crew from the Made In Canada days, L  Vintage local sports crew, XL    [[SPOILER]]  H&K blue herringbone, 15.5  Varvatos Luxe pants, 34R  Skeet jeans, 34  Fuhsace sunglasses case  vtg Levi's western shirt    [[SPOILER]]  incredible Budweiser bib-front western shirt, M    [[SPOILER]]   Took a flyer on a vintage tee (L) after reading @PLaydice's thread   Bought and sold this exact tee a...
 great now I googled "diaper collectors" and am balls-deep in DiaperForum on my work computer.
Struck out tonight except for a lil Armani
still have like 70+ pages of this thread to get through catching up after a couple weeks traveling, but I'm happy to report my wife has finally caught the bug and has been hitting a number of estate sales and thrifts lately. She brought home this wooden vanity yesterday. From Canada Furniture Manufacturers out of Woodstock, ON, circa 1909. Just gotta make some room for it in the bedroom and convince the cat to hang out elsewhere.  
New Posts  All Forums: