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 aight  couple of nerds wild drunk at the company holiday party.  no-name Ivy-era (1960) tweed jacket (thrift)American Apparel button down (thrift)Engineered Garments tie (Saks Off Fifth blowout)
Still not on the level of Spoo's Bert Pulitzer but I'm pretty pleased. Even with the typo in the body copy that I just noticed now...   
 Had the same thought!
+1 but for opposite reasons. My folks always made sure to be quiet while I was sleeping, and as a result I can't sleep through noises at all, even minor stuff. I have to sleep with earplugs or a white noise machine or both if something's really loud. It sucks.
 Ah, my apologies for the confusion. Haven had the cotton ones listed as wool on their site which is what threw me off in the first place, and I thought this mistake might have been made by other vendors as well. Thanks for the clarification.
 I got a pair at Haven but it looks like they don't have them listed anymore. Also worth noting that they're a brushed cotton, not wool. Haven had them listed as wool as well, but they feel more like moleskin and the content tag confirms cotton.
 been had snowlo
A few finds from yesterday's lunch break. Nothin' special. Everything is available. BR vest with cool sun/stars silk backing, L  skeet blazer, L  Jones down vest, ~42    [[SPOILER]]   cool MWG western shirt, 15.5  Zegna tent hat trick, 18/XXL  Hiltl cords, 38   vtg varsity, 40  Tommy Hil for self-use, N/A  CD wool/silk scarf  Puma x 'Rari shoes, 10    [[SPOILER]]
 I'll pass, but the offer is very kind! Thanks for thinking of me!
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