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 There are a half-dozen sold comps with the cheapest at $275; I'd pick it up, try and turn it around in a month, and return it if it didn't sell.
  Choked this one isn't my size (N/A, late christmas gift for a hiking buddy)     vtg Tultex (XL)     vtg Guess (XL)     Icebreaker full zip (XXL)     Arcteryx 1/4-zip (XL)
[[SPOILER]]  I believe that's a pretty recent piece, the deal with WP Lavori happened in 2014. Most of the Woolrich John Rich & Bros stuff I've seen has been made in China or India.
 Any idea what the difference is between the Snowdon and Arran? I'm wearing a pair of the latter right now and they look identical.
2017 thrift resolutions:   -don't buy anything until I get through my ENTIRE backlog, which has the triple effect of a) earning more money, b) spending less money and c) making room for a power rack in my basement. Aiming for June which is embarrassingly long but also realistic for the amount of time I have to throw at it.   -list more on Etsy, I've been able to sell the kind of stuff I come across most often (vintage tees and sweats) for a lot more there than on eBay....
 Not for much. I pick up the vintage oxfords if they're cheap enough and I like the pattern, but there's maybe $15-20 there.
Catching up on the backlog   [[SPOILER]]  More pics of that A2     [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]          
 I think he meant the tux is dated after 1949
Thanks again to @ATLjon for the tip on that Venanzi jacket from Linda, fits great! Bit of schmutz on the shoulder and lapel but it brushed out.  Christmas thrift fit (all BB, all personal thrifts)  Pulled this Avirex A-2 but can't decide whether it's too dadly or not, what do you think?  Pulled this in LA (thanks @Jompso for a very thorough route to hit, unfortunately it was the day before Halloween and I struck out other than this and an Isaia orphan)   Some local pickups...
New Posts  All Forums: