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This polo looks so soft and smooth. :)
    They look really good.
What are those?
She's still beautiful here :P
Me too ;)
What's the perfume that could last up to 24 hours?  
Looks really refreshing...   I just had a glass of coke and a glass of water awhile ago ;)
I found a few at, but I haven't tried purchasing at that site, so I won't recommend it, though you can try searching in there.  
Here are some of the best Dept Store in Japan   Laforet is to Harajuku as 109 is to Shibuya. Gentlemen beware: this is where the colour pink was invented, and ambient giggles confirm the patrons' predilections for anything frilly, furry, fuzzy or cutesy. Tobu Although most of Tokyo's depāto are located in and around Ginza, you'll find a few shopping behemoths in Ikebukuro, including Tobu. In general, the prices here are noticeably lower than in Ginza since the...
It is not a squar toed Koobam. Anyway, do you have a photo of you wearing that?  
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