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Hey can you post measurements please?
I ordered my boots 2weeks and 2 days ago and they are already completed
Where do you guys buy your shoe care stuff? I need to buy a deer bone and some saphir products but my local cobbler carries neither of these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Honestly, if you just talk to the guys over at bakers they will sort you out. If you have any questions, those guys have the answers. There is a reason they are paid to do what they do. Ask themĀ 
He certainly makes things interesting around here
I wear my 1000 mile boots through fall and winter in Boston and they do fine. However, I would suggest putting a half sole on and rotating them.
What are you planning on wearing them with? What do you need the shirt for?
Just ordered my first pair of whites White's Semi-Dress Leather 1: Navy Chrome Excel by Horween Leather 2: Black Dress Toe Vamp Leather: Navy Chrome Excel by Horween Toe Cap Leather: None Celastic Toe Box: None Safety Toe: No Thanks Upper (Shaft) Leather : Black Dress Leather Liner: Cream Back Stay Leather: Navy Chrome Excel by Horween Pull Loop: Yes Eyelet Color: Nickel Sole Trim: Close Trim Eyelet Configuration : Eyelet Lace: Leather Sole: Vib...
How long does it usually take for someone at bakers to get back to you?
I just sent my first email to bakers asking build questions! I am excited to possibly be ordering my first pair of whites.
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