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What is your care routine?
woah those look great for 2 years
Really interested to see how these do long term. I can never keep white shoes clean
Boots look great Cathpah! The distressed smooth always seems to recover beautifully. 
I wouldn't even accept those as seconds. The only rightful place for boots of that quality is the trash.
 USPS said that it was through customs and on its way. They said the tracking info should update in the next couple of days and if it doesn't to give them another call. It took 35 minutes to get someone useful on the phone, but once i did they were very helpful and kind
Is anyone else experiencing super slow shipping? My boots left San Francisco on the 14th and are taking their sweet time making it to the north east
Just tried the usps and it's still in San Fran
Mine say the same thing. Estimated delivery was yesterday and they haven't moved
So I have had my Whites for about 5 wears now and they are by far the most comfortable boots i have. They have broken in nicely. The dress leather is significantly more stiff than the cxl and makes for good ankle support. The boots have begun their wrinkly toe journey and so far they both look pretty alright. The left boots clicking is not as nice as the right, the wrinkles are slightly larger but it doesn't bother me much. Over all they fit great, feel great, and i think...
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