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Thanks for the info! Very good to know for future purchases. Right now, I'm still in this phase of being a RW-owner: But it's getting better.
Thanks, this is one of the most interesting pics of wear on the Muleskinners I have ever seen. Did you treat them with anything, or is this just the normal patina? The look similar to my M43 Roughouts after treating them with Snoseal.
Yes.Agree, the leather laces are much nicer!
Update after just over three weeks of wear and one coat of RW boot oil: The right boot was super comfortable after about a week, the left one still hurts and causes bruises in the area where the stitching comes together next to the lowest hole of the laces.
So, after long debates with myself, I'm finally a member of the club, too. Hope it's not a decision I'll regret...
Okay, so "patina" is one thing to aim for in boots. But is it possible to keep Redwing's Hawethorne Muleskinner leather looking "clean", even after a lot of use? I really like the look they have fresh out of the box, that's why I'm asking...
Might be, but the zipper keeps unwanted hands out of the bag and you're able to fit a laptop-computer into it. AFAIK the opening of the field bag is too small for that.
That wasn't meant to be rude, but a clarification.Thank you, this is the kind of answer I had been looking for. It's finally something to work with, as most other answers you can find on the web only deal with traction in snow and ice.
Did they get rid of the small carry on? I thought that was the superior bag to the medium field bag they still have, as it comes with a zipper for added protection!
I didn't ask about color options.I've got some resoled harness boots with a leather section in the middle and they have been fine for the past 10 years, even in the wettest and muddiest of weather conditions. No rot or anything, if taken care of properly. Any input on traction of the Blacksmith on gravel or wet rocks?
New Posts  All Forums: