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Thanks for the input, very interesting. I'd still love to see a load-out of the medium duffel, but I'm starting to think that I'll get a suitcase after all. As much as I like the look of traveling with a duffel bag, I fear I simply pack to much to enjoy the trip...
It's an old request, but I think so far noone replied to it: could someone snap a picture of the medium and small duffel with all the clothes you fit into it and a pic of the loaded bag, please?
Hi, I stumbled across this picture on pinterest an really liked the look of the bag. Does anyone know, which brand it is, by any chance? Thanks in advance!
Considering what I've read here about the Filson quality being on the demise, I wondered if I don't want my future bag (= duffel bag) to have some metal studs on the bottom. I don't think it's a good idea to put the duffel down on wet surfaces, or am I wrong here?
So, after about 5 weeks of using the original RW leather shoe laces, the first one broke yesterday. And there were days in between, when I didn't even wear the boots. So I'm not very impressed with the quality of the laces ATM. Will try others, to see if they last longer than the originals. Apart from that: the boots have broken in very nicely, nothing hurting any longer and they are comfortable all day around, even on long walks.
Thanks for the info! Very good to know for future purchases. Right now, I'm still in this phase of being a RW-owner: But it's getting better.
Thanks, this is one of the most interesting pics of wear on the Muleskinners I have ever seen. Did you treat them with anything, or is this just the normal patina? The look similar to my M43 Roughouts after treating them with Snoseal.
Yes.Agree, the leather laces are much nicer!
Update after just over three weeks of wear and one coat of RW boot oil: The right boot was super comfortable after about a week, the left one still hurts and causes bruises in the area where the stitching comes together next to the lowest hole of the laces.
So, after long debates with myself, I'm finally a member of the club, too. Hope it's not a decision I'll regret...
New Posts  All Forums: