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Hi, a big request to the Filson Medium Duffle and Pullman-owners: could you take a picture of all the clothes and stuff you are able to pack into the bags and post it here? A kind of packing list would be great, too, just to get a better idea of how many days worth of clothes fit into the bags. Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the answers, yes, taking off the shoulder strap seems to be a sound thing to do... Still not 100% convinced, but will have a go at the Filsons...
Hi, any experiences with Filson bags (Pullman or large Duffle) as check-in luggage? I'm somewhat concerned about the straps tearing off once the bag hits the transportation system behind the scenes...
If you bought the Floto after all, maybe you would care to post some pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Masturbation. But beware: too much can cause blindness!
Did Conne explode or what happened to him?
Some nice pearls, a cardigan or shawl, pumps. Simple, yet elegant.
How else can we come up with the best ideas?
She does know that we need a full body picture in order to give her the best advice possible?
I thought that they might be Loakes. The pictures on the web always let them appear more grey.
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