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Yes, AE can and will measure your feet, as can BB or Nordstrom.  Should this be your first pair of AE, I strongly suggest you get measured and try on shoes.
Allen Edmonds shoes have become a "hobby" for me.  I'm up to 13 pairs!  I trust my local "shoe expert" to keep them looking good.   Favourites are Wendell's -  Proudly wearing black and brown ones.  The quality and value-for-dollar are amazing.     Oh, and yes, I did get a brand new pair at the local Good Will for 22.50!
The tailor I use has fixed a lot of things.  A smoking jacket purchased several months ago looks great after a trip to him.     Developing a relationship with a tailor who understand what you want, how you dress, and the style you which to achieve is key.  He doesn't care if it's Brioni, Brooks Brothers, or something inexpensive, His  goal is to make it look the best it can on your specific frame.
The Good Will near me has been an absolute GOLD mine.   Brand new (with tags) Brooks Brothers shirts 4 dollars Brand new Allen Edmonds 22.50.   You have to look and hunt, but boy are there deals to be had!
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