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 Nice catch, first day back in two weeks, and no one is in my office a bit lazy and loose. Cheers.
Suit: MABespoke Shirt: Thomas Mason Tie: Brioni Square: Random pick-up from Nordstrom
Good morning/afternoon/night StyleForum,   I have been really interested in purchasing a pair of double monks from Loake, my question is their fitment.  I am virtually a size 8 universally from Allen Edmonds to Barker Black.  The only thing I have found online before I posed this question here, was to go a half size down.  Is this true?    Thank you all in advance.
I know you are a different rep for A&B, but these pics put me at ease. I did end up purchasing a sport coat on Thursday.  I made a selection from the "closeout" book, and informed the rep that I wanted to see the quality of the jacket (something I think is the hardest piece of clothing to get 'right'" then I will be more confident in future orders.  Great pics!
Take your talent to ATL.  If you're in animation, that is a great local to find work. My brother-in-law undergrad and AI and master's from SCAD, moved to ATL to work.  He originally started with the NYC and LA dreams, but I think from what I have read, you might be better off down there.  Plus cost of living is cheaper.
The two pieces I highlighted and outlined, are the two reasons I wanted to visit them and see for myself. I hold everyone's opinion with a certain amount of value, but like you said, just because your tailor has an opinion that doesn't make him right. Nor, does the guy that works for the companies opinion make him right either.  I want to see first hand, and take all the comments I have read into consideration, before I pass judgement. That is all I was saying initially.
I didn't make comment to how the garments are produced either.  I have spoke with people who've had good and bad experiences.  Anyone who "formerly worked with/for" I typically hold mild skepticism for, just a mechanism I cannot get passed. Good/bad for that matter.  And to be completely honest, "custom" tailoring, I think a lot try thinking it'll be a life changer, and boost their esteem?  It doesn't, and I think some are upset when they realize that.  It's the "buyer's...
I can see the "wannabe" comment, I just had her meet me at my office because I hate driving into DC, plus I can rarely leave early, and when I do, it's usually to get my children.  It is a good draw.  But I am meeting her at her office today.  After I realized the risk of her not having everything she needed on-hand.
You're correct it was from the "close-out" book. She was compelled to show me the book since it had a few Dormeil Amadeus swatches in there.  I had mentioned to her up front, that is the cloth I prefer, as most of my garments are Dormeil Amadeus.  I did have to supply her with a back-up choice, since she told me up front, she could NOT guarantee I could get the pattern I originally chose. 
I understand, that's why I preface my comments always with being "blessed" not so much in the religious context, but more so with being FORCED to face adversity head on. And you have two choices attack or fold, I chose to attack. And I hold that feeling everyday in my back pocket, I wish more kids nowadays could experience what I went through, even of only for a fleeting moment. Some not all, I feel do not even value that piece of paper they receive after 4 years. Now I...
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