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Havent tried pbj jeans, but this sweatshirt is sick. Loopwheeler with indigo gradation. Pbj is great in their indigo
Does the stitching inside the backpocket of nf jeans tend to come off?my 2 nf's did
Yeah my true waist is 30 and I used size 28 WG,and now it has stretched around 1"Btw anyone care to share their progress for elephant 3?
Do you guys ever heard samurai made in usa?someone offered me an early model of samurai s0511xs it is in this website [[SPOILER]]
Deadstock samurai jeans,cant be found anywhere else I guess. Good condition. Best for samurais collector Details: Slim cutting Non selvedge Leather patch lot 2 shows made in usa (but it is actually made in japan, I forgot but there's the explanation for this in sufu) Talon zipper waist 30.5 Inseam not hemmed Rise11.5 Thigh 11 Knee 8 Leg 7.5 Lookin for $150 shipped, item's in Indonesia Just contact me, whatsapp...
Anyone knows whats the style number of elephant3? Ex:for LHT it's 012773
Thanks for the reply guys..sorry I haven't reply to you guys,the more I read it the more it makes me confuse hahaha. now I'm considering about master degree. What do you guys think? If I take it will it be easier for me to get a job? Considering the student visa might help me to stay first then I can apply for jobs easier after I finished my education
Lookin for my second pair of first was LHT weird guy and I like it..lookin for more contrast fades denim as the lht fades is quite any recommendation?(besides elephant,its too hot to wear it here)
Whenever my jeans get smelly, I just hang it inside out directly to the sun.always works.the smells gone and kill the bacteria.well its quite hot in Asia
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