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I guess most of them do, but as far as I know applebees dosent. Nothing wrong with a good buffett(sp?) every once in awhile right? Heck even my country club has a lunch buffett once a week or so.
I didn't say fancy, I said not so fancy as in not fancy at all. Casual, better than fastfood style dining. Applebees has a salad bar? Thats news. Oh well. Maybe something like that? I like the looks of that. Would black be inappropriate? Or maybe like a charcoal with pinstripes?
How many of you guys wear this combo often? I don't, mainly because I don't own a decent sport coat. Im 90% of the time dressed casualy. I think this would be a little nicer for some occasions like a dinner at a not so fancy resturant, i.e. Applebees or the like. Any recomendations for such a jacket?
Quote: I thought this is a pretty casual nice watch to have: I have a watch from Alfred Dunhill that looks very similar in shape, but it has a dark brown crocodile strap instead. I find leather strap watches quite versatile--they are suitable when you're dressed up and when you're in jeans. This is the watch i referred to in my last post in case anybody was wondering.
Where could one find one of those Rolex Cellini's online? I really really like the looks of that watch.
Ok so today I threw on a really cool suede shirt I picked up at BR for cheap. About 5 minutes ago I noticed I have a little slit, probably an inch long on the arm right around the tricep area. Its not that noticeable but I don't want it getting any bigger. Any way I can fix this, or am I just screwed?
Gucci sunglasses are pretty good, I love the pair I have.
You could try some Mavi jeans. I think Max is the name of the cut, its a pretty loose fitting jean and they aren'y flared either. The material isn't up their with PDC but its alot better than most jeans.
A couple of Armani shirts I have don't have them either.
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