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Me too. It's the most perfect, versatile, classic burgundy color.
What record fair?? Nice boots!
Are those color 8? They're wicked dark. Also gorgeous. Congrats!
The #8 CXL bag is gorgeous, but I don't see any brass feet or anything. I can just imagine the bottom of this bag getting chewed up by baggage claim belts. Otherwise would def consider!
It will lighten. Give it a little time.
Responding to the duck-foot bat signal here. Here are a few photos for comparison. I'm sorry that they're not that great, but it's the best I can fudge at the moment (4 days out of cervical spinal surgery) with my mobility and strength restrictions. My sizing is as follows: AE (all lasts) 10.5 EEEAlden Barrie 10.5 EEAlden Van, TruBalance 10.5 ECarmina Detroit 10 EEE (extra wide version)Lobb 7000 10 EEBonafe 946 10 HVass P2 43.5 HVass F, U 44.5 H Here is Detroit next to...
That's RIGHT there are!! Chukkas FTW.BTW I find Carmina's pricing of shell boots rather absurdly steep. I mean, Alden makes arguably the best shell boots in the business and their pricing doesn't jump up a cliff just because 3 inches of leather are added to the ankle.And BTW I'm a Carmina fan!This is the Lord's truth. The 73 last is much pointier than 511, and the taper begins much earlier up the vamp. So for some people it may SEEM more narrow when it isn't.
73 last is definitely a tad shorter than 511 and DEFINITELY almost a full size wider at the ball. The toe is pointier, so depending on the taper of your foot, it may seem narrower when in fact it isn't.
Jodox, Mora, rogue, strand, park avenue, Lexington were all discontinued and revived at one point.
If you're not talking about shell, then I'm a fan of the Carmina PTB and LWB. I believe calf comes in at under 5 bills.
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