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Exactly. I can't really tell any general difference in fit between my Jeffersons, she'll strands or park aves, suede mcallisters, or grey McTavish. But items that are made by people using natural materials will have some degree of variability.However, my shell Kenilworths (with indy lining) are my loosest 5 last shoes (but that's because the pattern runs big), and my Ardsley park MTO is the tightest (because the factory installed a full sockliner by mistake.)
Guys, I'm sadly bowing out of the Heritage. I already have too many wingtip bals for my needs, and I already have two outstanding MTOs (the AE Eagle boots and an Enzo Bonafe chukka). Fortunately, it looks like yall still have enough to make it happen without me. Gorgeous weather in New York today. Enjoying my Natural Shell Dundees.
Yeah, I'm sure they've realized this already. Kinda makes us come off as cheap buggers.
Really? He strikes me as the Birkenstocks type.
Technically yes, but it's in dark brown smooth dress calf, which is way up there on the dressy scale. Plus, it's a plain toe dress shoe.We obsess quite a bit about the "rules," but at the end of the day, the fornality of leather and simplicity of adornment (ie no broguing etc) will win out over the blucher vs bal conundrum.Plus, you'll be wearing a robe, right?Methinks thou wilst be fine.
This is correct, they will price up indy upgrades except for shell.I don't prefer the poron insole, but it's not a deal breaker
God damnit, I have way too many wingtip bals, but I'll be in if we can switch to leather sole or V-Tread. I've grown to mildly dislike dainite.
I agree. I wear them only when I'm going to be driving to somewhere indoors. Can't really do a lot of walking on NYC sidewalks in them for very long.
They won't give you indy luning and inse for 199. Sounds nice though. I'd be in if not for my strict "no bals" edict.
Black Jeffersons. Wearing them with my navy cords only because I have to go straight to a wedding after work and I didn't want to carry an extra pair of shoes along with my suit on the subway.
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