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I think my feet are a little swollen lately TBH. Too much consumption of libation recently. Everything's fitting a bit too snug, including trews.
Yeah, well, I used to get off at 23rd and Broadway and then bus it to the water, but I somehow ended up with a late 30's spare tire that I'm trying to shake. So I changed my routine. Glorious days like today make it a pleasure! Plus the M23 is so unreliable that it really didn't save all that much time considering.This way I can also pick up produce from the green market on Mondays weds and Friday's depending on what's gonna be on the menu at home...Edit: talking about NYC...
More or less. My house is around a half mile from the subway. I get off at Union square and then walk around a mile and a half to 25th street and the east river. Repeat in reverse at the end of the day! And then there's also a fair bit of walking around lunch time depending on what I feel like. I do get to put my footwear through its paces...
Went with these stunning 804 Chelseas today. Fit is spot on but there is still some breaking in to do. Pinky toe blister after walking 4 miles Sure are Purdy though
Awesome loafers bud! On one hand, I love the warm sunny skies in February. On the other hand, a glacier the size of Delaware justBroke off of Antarctica.#gulp #alternativefactsDamn, these are so choice. I love the depth of color. Easily as nice as any "rare" she'll cordovan. Can't wait to get my pair from Yenni in the next few months.....speaking of depth of color, your bluchers are looking so rich and classic. Congrats!
My pair of LB is the O.G. Version with the heavy winter tire tread Vibram sole (yellow hexagon logo). That's a KILLER sole. My uppers fell apart after four years of wearing them in harsh city snows, mountain hikes, and all manner of all terrain abuse, but the sole has like 200 wears left still! Too bad they don't use it anymore.I preordered an Alden chamois Indy with that same sole because I love it so much.
Is it me or would the summer sunset madras make one hell of a trouser? I don't have the stones to pull it off, but someone else here definitely should!
2 AE stores around the corner, too. CJ not far either!!
Do we all agree that the Dartmouth styling is the most versatile option for navy hopsack blazer? Natural shoulder looking too suity?
I believe that boot was made on the infamous "Barrie Junior" last...
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