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Looking good, Markus! Interesting that we take the same size in AE but I got up to a 10 for Carmina and CJ.
What? Vass has whiskey? Since when?
OMG. What leather is that? cordovan?   stunning.
Talk are lucky. My wife's feet are so small, she wears a US women's size 4 extra narrow. Not possible to find any men's welted footwear for her! Otherwise, I'd have made strategic purchases for her long ago.
It is my natural habitat, after all!
That natural (cordovan) feeling....
Gorgeous pictures, @MrDV! Did you hear any of the music festival? If so, which artists?
Looks great! What are the defining characteristics of kangaroo leather? I know it's used on the pads of woodwind instruments.
Do it!!!
Gorgeous footwear and outstanding photos!
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