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Maybe they got the orders mixed up with someone else in your size? That seems like a best case scenario.At any rate, call Allison.
Ok, I've got shoes from the regular line, the independence line, and the cordovan collection. The raw components in the Indy line are an upgrade from the regular line in every respect. The upper is made from "crust leather," which is a much higher grade of calfskin. It's softer and finer, and has a tighter grain. The independance sole is much nicer than standard oak bark soles. It's an extra iron thicker, and looks much nicer. The interior lining is made of super soft...
Meh, I already have a suede patriot, and I'm not crazy about the fit. Plus, manton says burgundy penny loafers should be shell anyway. Oh, and I already own 2, soon to be 3 burgundy color shoes (not even counting the pair I'm sending you).At least, those are the reasons I'm using to stop myself...
Technically the Eagle River was ordered last year. There ya go! Enabling enacted.
You'll take the same size in Blescker as in other 5 last shoes, like the park ave, strand, McAllister. Get sized for those and then order the Bleecker. Most go down .5 in length from brannock for 5 last. Some go up one width.
^^^ Nice shade of navy! I like it more than the current darker, more saturated navy suede. Great score.
Ouch, sorry bro. Love that you have stacks of boxes in the office lol
Like all the 1 last shoes I have, they fit my right foot like a glove, but were cramped in the right toe box due to my lover left big toe. After a few wears around they house, they have molded to my feet perfectly.
^^^ RL Illford, I believe?
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