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You know, the last three pairs I got (dundees, kenikworths, and eagle rivers) were all significantly looser fitting than previous pairs on the same lasts. They're also quite a bit less, er.. shapely. Maybe they're consciously lasting the shoes more loosely in order to minimize mistakes.
I've decided that I need a very thin insole or sockliner of some sort to take up some volume in my 946 chukkas. Does anyone have any recommendations? TIA
What about Vaseline? And yes, I did read about gluing the felt to the underside of the strap on this very forum 3 years ago.But yeah, any time you have finished grain leather rubbing against another piece of leather, there is gonna be some friction, and sound.
Try a piece of felt under the strap??I've kind of embraces the squeaks from my monks. And boots too, for that matter.
Not yet. I'm expecting The Detroit PTB in a few weeks. The two Rain boots haven't been submitted yet (I believe, since Steve listed them as still being open to join on his thread), so maybe November for those? I'm guessing.
Haha! Busted. DEFINITELY too dressy for THOSE jeans, I agree.But regarding formality, I find that AE's burnished oxblood leans more casual than formal. The underlying calf is quite light in color, and the deep burnishing effect is actually very flashy. It's nowhere near as formal as a true oxblood.But regarding the photo: It's no one but me in the practice studio late at night, and I decided to give them some break-in time before returning to the office in the fall.
@RogerP those red cognacs look striking! Kind of like "chili" from AE. Is there a comparable grain leather?
@Fred G. Unn has museum shoes from Vass, Carmina, and Bonafe. Maybe he can comment on differences in leather and finishing.The only museum I have is a plum chukka from Bonafe. As others say, I find it thinner and softer, kind of like the consistency of ladie's shoes.
The P2 last definitely has a more arched instep than the 511 last. Pics coming later today.
Just adore the color on those. Gorgeous!
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