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What kind of belt do yall pair with plum museum?
I dunno. I thought the black custom calf always looked like that. After 2 years of regular wear and care, my neumora look great.
Good idea. I've got an extra wide forefoot with narrow heels and ankles, flat arches, and a flat instep. My feet measure 11 E left and 10 3E roght on the brannock. I wear a 10.5 3E across almost every AE last and model: 5-65 dress calf, shell, independence, and rough collection 3-333 (fits a little looser) Neumora (needs tongue pad) and rutledge (no pad) 4-234 Amok (tight in the toebox but the suede gives a lot) 7-57 MacNeil fits generous all over, but a little...
Thanks Kyle. There's a stray shell Norwich in my size at the Shoebank. Was thinking about it. I have a pair of eagle county boots on the 2 last, and they fit great, but not until several wears when the upper broke in and stretched out.Obviously boots fit differently than monks, and shell doesn't stretch like calf, so who knows. Maybe I'll just give it a shot...
What's the story on the Norwich (I mean besides the whole 2 last thing). Anyone here have it? Like it? Between Norwich and bradley, which would be more versatile? Less old mannish? What do folks wear with either?
Thanks Patrik.All right, any extra-wide-hooved gents want to go in on a Carmina GMTO? I'm pretty open on styles. Pretty much anything that's not a bal...
Haha, yeah, it's a problem. At least I never get busted by my wife for checking out men's shoes, unlike that other thing...
Which one of you fine gentlemen were walking south on Broadway near 19th street in NYC at around 11 am yesterday rocking killer cigar Indy boots? I figured it had to be a forum iGent.
So for Bonafe 946, everyone is sizing down .5 from alden Barrie or AE 5 last? I wear a 10.5 in length on both of those, so I should probably go with a 10 UK right?
Thanks gentlemen. I agree the dual texture effect is really killing. Anyone out there down for a chil calf/grain Dalton gmto The 4 last is rather tricky, being so narrow for a LWB. Ended up going up .5 in length. With a tongue pad, I got a perfect fit. Mine will need a resole soon. Wondering if the last is too sleek for a double sole?
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