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A lot of talk in here about rare cordovan shoes, but my unicorn is this: The J Crew Barrie last lined chukka in green suede. My problem is, I can't seem to get one made in 3E width. I've contacted just about every Alden retailer with no luck. Vass makes a fine chukka, and their olive suede is very nice. I could order an MTO through them, but I prefer the shape and pattern of Alden's, and that crepe sole... I guess I'm posting rather out of desperation. Does anyone...
Thanks Steve! We can do it!
Awesome. Thanks steve! EVERYONE should sign up for our Museum Chelsea GMTO!!   Also, I would be open to joining any last minute Rain or Detroit suede or calf chukka GMTOs :)
Wa-hoo!!! Let's push this through! I'll spread the word in a few other places this evening.
Wow, interesting. I guess since this is my only pair of lighter shell (I have 3 color 8 and two dark cognac), I notice the lightening more.
I think it depends on the shoe and its application. Since natural patinas drastically and unevenly, I thought it would make a good casual chukka. For dressier shoes, I'd go for the more consistently dyed leathers, probably.
Green suede to rule them all.
Thanks. No, never anything other than the Mike method. Oh, I did use VSC once. I walk a ton outside in NYC, so the sun has darkened it pretty quickly on its own. It seems darker to my eyes almost every time I wear them.I think it refers to the shell leaving Horween undyed. Because AE definitely caked on some polish at the factory that I had to remove. Perhaps @mdubs can further illuminate, but I don't think natural will be lighter than whiskey in all cases. In fact, in the...
I asked Mr. Horween about natural shell at the AE trunk show event and he confirmed to me that it is undyed shell, different from whiskey. Of course, he could have been fudging the facts a bit to sell shoes. Who knows. And AE finishes it with what looks like their walnut polish. I stripped all that off, but over the past 6 months they have darkened to an orangey-tan.Pants are baggy from bending over...Here's what they looked like when brand new. Kinda pale and milky, as...
Awesome boot, @sask boot Leather looks real nice, though I assume not horween?
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