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That's how my older color 8s look too. Everything Alden or newer than 2014 seems extra dark these days. They are gorgeous though. Amazing.
I fell in lust with monkstraps from the moment I first saw the "trend" profiles in that-magazine-who-shall-not-be-named. I now own 3 pairs and am in the market for a third (probably suede). Chukkas took a while to grow on me, but grow they did. Just like a kudzu infestation. I've got 5 pairs now, with another MTO in development, and considering yet another MTO...
Your Dundees are looking great, Counselor! I often forget how elegant the 511 last can look when it's not on someone with extra-wide Triple-E duck-footed clodhoppers! Wooops, yours ARE triple-E. Well, for some reason they present more shapely in size 18 or whatever the holy heck your size is than in stubby ole' 10.5. ;) Of course, it could always be the tighter-lasting of calfskin vs. shell. Anywhoo, just wanted to say nice kicks, Perry Mason!
Lol, we're miles apart. I love monkstraps, chukkas, and monkstrap chukkas! And Chelseas too [[SPOILER]]
I'm interested in theory, but I'm waiting to get my black stitch cap to see how well I can fit the 804.
Oops haha!! Too much wine and googling...
I agree, would rather own a Doak/mink Galway than a Tanker, but maybe some folks wouldn't consider it an apples to apples comparison.
Are you still interested in the Chelsea? Did your Carninas not work out? I had to sell mine due to fit. I'm considering an Enzo Chelsea in some kind of brown calf, but waiting to get my black Oxford to see how 804 fits me. I guess we would need to get 5 for me to order wide anyway...
It's not out of the realm of possibilities that I will stare at those long enough to weaken my resolve, but I should really reign it in. One black shell plain toe boot is niche enough, but with two? It would then be time to invest in some kind of motor bike.
They're well below 50% of EG cordovan, no?However, CJ and Vass are definitely compelling alternatives at similar price points.
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