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I'm just busting balls a little. More than happy with my decision to go with burgundy on my cordovan kenilworth. I think they were holding a tiny bit in reserve just to cover remakes of shoes currently in production, just in case they failed inspection.
That cappuccino sure is lovely. I was THIS close to being able to get a pair in this color, but SOMBODY in this board had ordered 4 pairs right before Allison got to me!
GOP, those Jeffs look kinda two-tone, like a saddle/wing combo. Just gorgeous! Congrats.
I've never tried it, but perhaps cordovan polish? Like AE's or Saphir's?
As others have said, sunlight should even them out a bit. However, I think they look fantastic and happen to dig the variations in shell color.
Have decided that I can't keep my lovely new snuff suede Amoks. They're size 10.5 3E. Although the give of the unlined suede masked it at first, they're really just too narrow for me after all. They would fit a 10.5 E foot perfectly. Before I sent them back, I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them first. Never worn outside. Just asking what I paid: $128 plus shipping. Please feel free to delete if this isn't cool...
Most men I know wear the same pair of shoes every day.
Awesome. Are yours brown or burgundy? Here are mine:
Corrected grain from AE is always labeled "polished cobbler."All kenilworths are full grain calf. Except for mine, which are shell cordovan.
If the price difference is under 75$ I would always go with firsts. Just as long as it's the right size and color...
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