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Which ones do besides Vass and Saint Crispins?
So good, JR. FTW
I have a soft spot for chukkas always. Those are divine! Did you ask specifically for burnished toes?
Thanks guys!! Of course, this is the real reason I bought those kicks for him.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Wearing my McT's at the playground. Most thankful for my two little monkeys!
Is there any reason why I shouldn't just buy the travel shoe trees for my Bonafes instead of the standard stained ones?
Wow, first reference to banana last i've seen in this thread. I've forgotten it exists. Does anyone have any real life pictures? What are you planning to order?
Agreed. I would not choose dainite as a weather sole. It will perform better than leather in a light rain, but it is much harder rubber, and doesn't have sufficient tread for heavy precipitation.
Indeed we did! Here are my MTOs and GMTOs:
No, but close. it's a Carmina PTB in cognac shell.
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