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They were "cobbled" tigether expressly for black Friday last year.
Love my red long branch laces. In other news, I'm gonna go ahead and un-recommend the use of Saphir Renovateur on AE burnished calf and cow shoes. One very light application stripped off the lovely characteristic burnishing on my walnut Rutledges, and just tonight also removed much of the custom heavy burnishing from the toes of my MTO Shaker Heights. Maybe great for shell, but not so much for burnishing...
And another thing, why are they naming all of these shoes after streets on the East Side?? How about a West End, Amsterdamn, 8th ave, or Columbus?? Or even something in Brooklyn like the Atlantic Ave, or Smith, Metropolitan Ave, or Court Street? Too inside?
I'm pretty sure that CXL and Essex is less expensive for them to source than calf, since they come from adult hides, which are far more plentiful on the market.I could just be talking out of my arse, but it makes sense to me...
On Reddit, Paul talked about a new last they were developing that was like the 5 last but supposedly easier to fit. Maybe the 201 is it.
What's the 201 last? Also those hideous XMas neumoks are back. Funny how they wait until right after the RDA to introduce more new styles. Looking forward to the shortwing blucher. Wonder if we'll see a balboot?
Nope. I've got three shoes with Indy insoles (jefferson, rutledge, and shell kenilworth.) They all fit exactly the same as my other 5 and 3 last shoes.
No word on mine yet. Maybe it failed inspection.
Yes, they were once made in burgundy "polished cobbler" CG.Sheltons too.
Tons of options for this use. What's your pleasure: loafers, lace-ups, or boots?
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