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Gustin olive chinos and "sea foam" OCBD. Vass wingtips.
It's not the toebox that makes it sleek. It's how the contour of the last matches and defines the contour of the foot. The same way a wetsuit is "sleek," or a tight, form-fitting dress is "sleek."What is YOUR definition of sleek?
BTW, I hope that my above comments are not seen as critical or argumentative, merely clarifying of my previously expressed opinion. Since I'm teaching middle school today, my own garb is decidedly casual. I'll post pics on the Gustin thread a little later, as I'm not wearing AEs atm.
My point is not about contemporary practical usage. Traditions in "Classic Menswear" (the forum that this thread exists in, after all) have historical context. It has nothing to do with what you do for a living in today's world, and everything to do with why you don't wear a brown tweed sport coat and corduroys to a Job interview or an evening wedding at a fancy hotel.Formal / Casual have nothing to do with proper fit, narrow or wide, as I hoped the pictures of my extra...
Actually, last shape is very key in the formal/casual determination. Think about this as a spectrum with "country" at one end and "city" at the other. Country attire consists of Browns, tweeds, flannels. Boots and bluchers with round, bulbous toes for trekking through swamps whilst hunting. Broguing and grain patterns. Suedes.City attire is for bankers and lawyers. Those who walk on pavement or have drivers. Blues, blacks, charcoals. Worsted wool suits. Oxfords with single...
I think he means the welt join, not the notch in the heel. Unless I'm mistaken...
We should have a QA for common questions at the start of the thread that includes this. First of all, welcome! Glad to make your acquaintance. That part of the shoe is known as the "welt." It is used to attach the "upper" part of the shoe to the outsole. The welt begins its life as a straight, long strip of leather, which is then fitted and sewn around the shoe. That notch you see is where both ends of the welt were bent towards each other and joined. Much like taking the...
No she'll Dundees in the cordovan collection anymore? What's that about?
Sleek doesn't necessarily just mean narrow. This Vass monkstrap is H width (EU equivalent of EEE) abd it's still sleek as hell. Look how contoured the last is, how it hugs the shape of the foot: [[SPOILER]]
For responses from antonio and inquiries about MTM Shoes, I've used the one on his Instagram a.dam.calzoleria@gmail.com
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