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The 804 is definitely both roomier in the toe and tighter in the heel than Rain. Instep seems about the same or a little higher.
Damn, Mr. Templeman is going full-on luxe Alden. Those tassels and boots are incredible...
I've never tried the 201 last, but AE in general tends to run .5 down fromBrannock. I would think the neighborhood of 43 is a good place to start. P2 runs .5 big, in my experience, and U will run .5 small. But an exact determination of which last works best for you really depends on the shape of your foot.It sounds like you have a slightly wide forefoot, but what shape and how long are your toes?From Whom are you ordering? Perhaps they can help you zero in more.
This is an amazing model. I highly recommend it! The 804 looks and fits similar to Lobb 7000 (IMO), so you can size the same.I love my pair.
Thanks! Although all credit goes to the Bonafe team and Lorenzo.I do love them. The fit is sublime!
Are the AF53s black or burgundy8?I may be interested if you're selling.
^^ Wow, those are fantastic? Would you mind some close ups of the contrast in color's/textures? I'm interested in how they work together.
This thread moves too damn quickly, but I just want to give a shout out to boss as hell black boots.
I did a set of tracings, then some tape measure measurements from a few different parts of each foot. Mailed everything to Lorenzo, who brought them to Massimi at the factory.
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