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General current igent consensus is everything shell all the time, but I'm of the more conservative opinion that calf is more appropriate for dress oxfords. The creasing is less conspicuous and it just looks more refined and less rugged.I love some gunboats, Chukkas, or PTBs in cordovan, though!
Actually, most BM shoe stores I've frequented, like Leffot, Skoaktiebolaget, etc carry zero inventory in narrow and wide. AE used to be an exception.@middlepP's exoerience is literally the opposite of what I've encountered every time I've walked into an AE store. Sales associates and managers at the Manhattan stores have always bent over backwards to provide outstanding service. Ditto for the Jeffersonville staff (Kristle especially).But it's been a few years since I've...
There's a host of other black leathers that Alden will make such a boot out of. I know this thread is rather cordovan-centric, but Calf, Chromexcel, Suede, Kudu, Walkabout, and grain leathers are all options!
Does 74945 come in various widths?? I wasn't aware.
You have to check out Minca in the East village!
Oy vey. A shortwing blucher on a narrow, sleek last? WTF are they doing. Country shoes should be on round, heavy country lasts.
My build is kinda hard to fit, so I've been going for mostly MTO stuff these days. Chinos and jeans from Gustin, trousers, a few sport coats, and individualized shirt from Epaulet (during their Ends for friends promotions). Kamakura New Yorl fit shirts also work for me.Polos and tees from JCrew or Banana or wherever.Try some conditioner and see if that helps. If not, call the CAC.Thanks for sharing this! Really interesting.I highly recommend reading @mdubs web site blog:...
Neuromas (freudian slip becayse I was just diagnosed with one) have the square toe of the 333 last. It could just be an MTO.I take the same length in all of those last's. As others have said, TB is quite wide in the forefoot and toebox. For reference, I wear a 10.5 EEE in all AE lasts, and a 10.5 E in TruBalance. A word of caution, though. TB is so comfortable and orthopedic ally designed that it has kind of ruined my AE boots for me. None of them come anywhere close to...
Ah, I see. Not that it really matters, I suppose, since the end product is gorgeous. I guess the assumption is always to prefer a hand process, but maybe that's confirmation bias...
I think he means they lasted it more tightly.Related, are EG shoes hand lasted? I was rather surprised to see a promo video of GG showing a machine lasting process.
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