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AE Dundees for me too:
Fantastic photo and outfit! Thanks for sharing.Congrats on your Shakers. They're AE's best boot ever, in my opinion.Great shine! Totally different boots, to be honest. One is a chukka, the other is an ankle Oxford boot. You'll get very different uses out of each of them. Plus, your Bleeckers look fantastic!
Awesome. I'll be there with my blue longwings!
I've got a calf Chelsea boot MTO going with Lorenzo right now on a personal last. If the fit works out well, I'm going to get something in she'll cordovan next year.
Sounds great, Joel! You do seem to love the cordovan balmoral boots!
Meh, 5 months isn't be so bad. I've waited longer than that for Alden stock model orders. As a matter of fact, there's an Alden cordovan preorder that I've been waiting for for almost 2 years now
The 74945 sure is popular right now. Seems like just a few months ago everyone was gaga over 804, and a year before that it was all about 946. I wonder what's driving the tastes here, lol. Maybe it's the models Skoak decides to stock that piques everyone's interest.
AE is an ethical company that doesn't offshore profits and is continually reinvesting in its home state and home town. I wouldn't think twice about feeling pride in supporting them. They treat their employees, customers, supply chain vendors, and competitors with respect and integrity.One thing to consider regarding Long Branch: it's made with a thick cowhide, which can't be pulled as tightly against the last as calfskin. I believe the difference in fit can be attributed...
Those soles are incredibly robust and comfy. I've got a pair of AE boots with them. After 5 years of all-weather, all-terrain abuse, the uppers have completely fallen apart. But the sole is still going strong.You'll love it.
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