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Looks great, Steve! Can you tell us more about the Pegasus leather? What are it's specific properties, and how does it vary from Horween CXL, Workboot leather, or dress calf?
Gentleweasels, I do appreciate that some of you are keeping the tradition of posting shoes with coffee alive. If such things amuse you, may I humbly submit my Instagram for your consideration: http://instagram.com/shoes_with_coffee
Shaker heights, bro! Also the pine River casual monk, which I fantasizes over for months but never bought...
I would have totally gone for it if I didn't already have a color 8 chukka. I think it looks killer. But then again, I'm totally a chukka guy...
Yes, that will be killer, but I already have a black shell Dundee, so no plain toe boots for me.Plus, all my money will be going to antonio meccariello this fall...
Who's gonna MTO that Higgins mill boot?
Still quite reasonable. Thanks.
Ok, so who has the latest MTM Argentum handwelting prices? The price I got back in May was 750 but I'm sure it's higher now.
Awesome! Is that monk a test shoe or an aurum? Looking great so far.
I would not recommend chromexcel for business attire. It is a rougher cowhide with a distinct patina and aggressive creasing properties that is best suited to casual footwear like boots and loafers. Also very difficult to shine.I'd stick with calf!
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