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Thanks for the link to volls. Bought two pieces in XL, I'll be curious to see how the sizing compares.
All of my wallets are made by Ashland. The price is great, options are great, and the dude who runs it is very nice. I had him make up a set of six Johnny the fox wallets for my wedding party.
These were purchased for 575 retail from Balenciaga at SCP and I can provide receipt if you'd like. Selling because I've never worn them.  Shipping included for USA, international please send me a message and I'll get you a quote. 10-29: dropped from 500 to 400. Would like to sell before I move.
I had the chance to visit the warehouse yesterday. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. If you're near LA there's really no excuse not to visit. Ian is running an awesome shop(and is exactly as nice as people say), and trying everything on saved me a bunch of hassle with returns. There's too much to see in just one day, though. I snagged some Finamore shirts and am curious to see how they wear over time. Hopefully I can decide on them by the time you get all the new...
My wedding band is Mokume Gane and I'd be absolutely forced to buy a matching belt. So there's that!
Interesting to hear that Clapham is an own brand. I picked up a couple cheap sets of their socks because they're made in Italy and seemed fun. Machine linked toe and quality but pretty thick material for a dress sock. They've lasted better than unsimply stitched (which are a stretchier fabric despite a similar 80/20 composition, have seen a lot more pilling) but they're still not quite the type of socks that I like. Still better than happy socks!
I'd love to get a pair of Winners, but I think the price is pretty absurd. It just doesn't make sense to pay that much for them. I nearly picked a pair up before deciding to get a fun color in the Paul Smith collab instead. I can only speak to comfort and say that the Winners are extremely comfortable in the store. I don't know how long they'd last, though.
I'm getting my first diamond weave and first pin dot! Another macclesfield as well. Have yet to decide on if I like the grenadines as much as y'all do. David is great though, and I'm done buying ties anywhere else (except maybe canali on sale).
I spent all my pants money and also lunch money on the sale. I'll get the burgundy and graphite Ryans when I get some more paychecks. Those look awesome.
Are there any plans to bring out other twills/non denim fabric in the reed or Ryan lines? I think I own everything you guys have made in the past year for those two fits. Also, how similar is the fit of the Ryan to the Henley? On the website, sometimes it calls the Ryan straight, sometimes slim. Never had the guts to try the Henley but it has such great fabrics available.
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