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Lots of new stuff take a look!
Lots of Shirts, Ties, Blazers, some suits recently added   Take a look!
I was like 90% sure the blue one was fake, but was holding out hope on the black one... Is it how the neck tag is attached on that one that lets you know? Thanks
Dolce & Gabbana Shirts I have recently acquired, I really don't know enough of what to look for to authenticate them, so I seek your help!   From two different sources, and the tags are attached quite differently, but have no gauge of how old either are.              
Never wear those black shoes with those pants, please! As for positive choices - I really like the light blue 
Greetings! I have come across a pair of shirts that I am curious to know more about. They are tagged as Tenucci Lucca. Based on the quick google results they appear to be from an upscale clothier in Lucca, Italy. I am assuming they would be their house branded shirts as they appear to carry many quality lines, but make no mention of their own line on the website. Also they are not tagged with sizing, and appear to be custom tailored. Does anyone have experience...
Hundreds of items, new listings 3 to 4 times a week...   I specialize in shirts, and also feature Ties, Blazers, as well as other items.
Real and real nice too!   Edit: on the Versace tie
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