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I want to buy a Teranishi Day Tripper: (In natural chromexcel when it's back in stock) Worried it might be too purse like, and I have no clue where to find a quality shoulder strap to go with it.
Anyone know what style of filson bag would be recommended for daily carrying of a fairly small amount of items: An iPad in a sleeve, a manilla folder or two, and a small moleskein-style journal with a little room to spare?
I just used made to fit to find my size and I found that it worked perfectly, so I'd add a third recommendation to doing that.
Great point about how the natural cxl will darken as it forms a patina. Forgot about that. From your descriptions of how you use the ranger moc, I'm more confident that it would work well for me.
First off, let me say that I love the made to fit program Rancourt does. I have always been technically a 13d, but nearish to the cusp of a narrower size. I hadn't tried narrower, before, and went ahead and tried it as one of my two size choices. Fit like a if only I had figured this out before buying my oak street navy loafers. Anywho, so I know my size now. I can't decide what shoe would be best for me. My tastes are broad, but my current selection of...
Quite sad about the CWU being discontinued.  I've been wanting to order one eventually, but I'm in the process of losing weight and working out, so who knows what my measurements will be by winter, with maybe 20 more pounds to lose and who knows what kind of muscle to gain.
I have been lusting over the shell greely's for a while now, but they didn't have my size in what was available before, so now I feel compelled to pull the trigger. My only issues are color and size. Cognac vs burgundy for the color, and...well heck, I've never had a carmina shoe so I could be a 12.5 or a 13...decisions!
I've been looking to get a pair of Rancourts for myself lately, and the natural chromexcel ranger mocs have my eye. I'm curious, though, having seen some posters on here request some custom options, whether I should request any changes from the standard. I know it's mostly personal taste, but I'm pretty uneducated on what the options might even be. Anyone care to enlighten me? Relatedly, I went ahead and did the made to fit program, so hopefully I'll get sizing down. ...
Title pretty much says it all, but to be specific, I measure as right at a 13d, and I'm looking for some shoes (Alden Cordovan boots, possibly Indy, cap toe, or wingtip) that come almost always in lasts that say to size down a half size.   Does anyone know what the best way to address this is?  Keep with the 13?  See if a 12 is doable?  My concern is that with a 13, the shoes might feel alright, but get too loose as I wear them in a bit.   Alternatively, if...
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