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Public Service announcement:    Just got a call from Alden NYC.  They just got a limited run approved by Alden for 20 Whiskey and 20 Cigar Longwings.   Taking pre-orders now.  Give them a call or stop by if you are looking for either of these.  
    More Ravello for Thursday
Thats weird.  I was able to purchase a pair and receive confirmation via email.   I would call back ASAP.
I picked up some Kudu Indy's with the commando sole from ShoeMart's Factory 2nds.   I've been looking at those and the #8 indys with commando for wet fall/winter weather but I am not sure how I feel about exposing cordovan shoes to those conditions and Kudu is supposed to be perfect for bad weather.   Hopefully the Trubalance last isnt too big.   
I believe Alden DC has a few pairs as well.   They had a 9.5 E about 10 days ago.
Wearing my new Cigar PTB with jeans today in NYC
Any chance the ravello longwings are still available?
This is a lightly worn pair of brown chromexcel Alden longwings in 9.5 barrie.  They were made for Leffot in NYC.   
These are absolutely beautiful, very close coloring to Leather Soul's shortwing ravello makeup.    In a couple days you won't even notice that spot.  I would not return them.
I was there today.   They have whiskey LWB in 9.5, 10 and 11  (he might have mentioned other sizes but I cut him off after that).   They have a cigar PTB in 7.5, Whiskey LHS, Cigar NST.   Not sure on the sizes of the last two.   I would call again, they were very helpful the last time I called.
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