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Looking at the Father's Day sale. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something and it shouldn't be limited in stock? I should be able to get this price when I'm in the U.S. next weekend or online after I see in person what I want? Thanks.
Damn, that's a nice shoe. Just found a another pic by him that shows the Dark Chili next to Oxblood.   Well, I've ordered the Oxblood to take advantage of the sale. $275 for firsts quality couldn't be passed up. I'm in toronto, no Nordstrom here for another few months. When in the U.S. next week I'll make sure to go in store/to Nordstrom and have a look at the Dark Chili in person and decide from there.
That would be ideal, but the two colours are not available from the same location and last time I ordered from the Shoebank shipping to Canada was $40 or $45 a shipment. I think I'll order the Strand Oxblood while the CEO sale is on. My size is backordered 4 weeks. So I'll check them out when I'm in Chicago next weekend and if they aren't for me, try to cancel the order before it ships. 
 It's OK if the shoe is close to a colour I already have. I'm more worried about which will work best for the event. Fitting it into the rotation is secondary.  I think the chili is probably too light for what I'm looking for.   Thanks for the input. I'm not in the U.S., so have only seen the colours I own. I'll be in Chicago next weekend, so maybe I'll pass on the CEO sale now, check out all the shoes and colours in Chicago, and then pick something up at the tent sale....
I haven't bought any AE shoes in a few years now, since before Oxblood was an option, but I'm now looking for a shoe for my wedding.    I'll be wearing a navy suit and was looking at the Strand in Oxblood through the CEO sale, or a pair in Merlot from the Shoebank. I own a Mcallister in Merlot, so I know what that colour is like, but have not seen the Oxblood in person and have no way to do so before the sale is over.    I was hoping to get some thoughts between the...
I have a pair of Allen Edmonds McTavish Seconds in Dark Cognac Brown size 10D. The shoes are in great condition, were purchased directly from Allen Edmonds and never worn. Save potential duty and taxes and pick these up in the Greater Toronto Area.  Available for pickup in Markham on weekdays or Oshawa on weeknights and weekends. Any questions, let me know!
I really like that dark blue one. I just wore my blue Neumoks for the first time last week, but had I seen this first I would have returned them for this. 
Thanks for the tip. I signed up and received my coupon over 30 days ago though so it's expired and I'll pass. Shouldn't be spending right now anyway.
Yes, there is both a brown suede and brown leather version.Edit: I see what you mean now. The leather version mistakenly has 1 pic of the snuff suede shoe.
Thanks for the heads up. I'd buy a red pair but Amazon doesn't understand they are made in America and are trying to charge $67 in import fees to Canada.
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