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I have a pair of Allen Edmonds McTavish Seconds in Dark Cognac Brown size 10D. The shoes are in great condition, were purchased directly from Allen Edmonds and never worn. Save potential duty and taxes and pick these up in the Greater Toronto Area.  Available for pickup in Markham on weekdays or Oshawa on weeknights and weekends. Any questions, let me know!
I really like that dark blue one. I just wore my blue Neumoks for the first time last week, but had I seen this first I would have returned them for this. 
Thanks for the tip. I signed up and received my coupon over 30 days ago though so it's expired and I'll pass. Shouldn't be spending right now anyway.
Yes, there is both a brown suede and brown leather version.Edit: I see what you mean now. The leather version mistakenly has 1 pic of the snuff suede shoe.
Thanks for the heads up. I'd buy a red pair but Amazon doesn't understand they are made in America and are trying to charge $67 in import fees to Canada.
http://soul-socks.com/ I went to the link the other day when it was posted. They don't ship to Canada, but I was able to buy 4 pairs at once and get them shipped for $3, as opposed to the monthly structure. Really nice guy running it. 
I should have actually said "I use it when I have 5 extra minutes to do so before work". I'm nowhere close to good at it. 
I came across this knot and have been using it lately.     http://sockingbehaviour.com/how-to-lace-and-tie-mens-dress-shoes/ http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/secureknot.htm
After exchanging two pairs of snuff suede Neumoks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale due to defects (Nordstrom customer service was incredible), I then purchased a blue pair as the suede was gone in my size. I'm really happy with these shoes. They are comfortable and look great. Will have to grab a few more colours over the next few months.    Just need the laces to close up a bit more now. 
I agree with the above posts, a half size down in the same width.
New Posts  All Forums: