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 The pics aren't showing are they ?  I tried from my mobile and tablet and can't get the links to work right from photobucket.  I have no access to photobucket here at work on my desktop so I can't see if they are showing or not.  I apologize, If I could delete the post I would. 
Got these last week, took just a little over 6 weeks. My other pairs of White's are all SD's so I decided to go with something different.  So far I'm very pleased with...
 I agree, the second ones look great.  I just ordered up some built up pretty much the same except I went with #8 CXL and distressed.  Hopefully it meshes well together. 
JRosenthal,  You are probably correct.  This will be my fourth pair of White's and I've come to see they all have a uniqueness some might call them flaws others it's just a part of owning something hand made.  I've been lucky on my other pairs it's mostly just some uneven stitching that I have found.  Now some of the things I've seen posted here are legitimate things that should have never made it out of the shop though. 
 Seeing all these QC issues is really making me nervous.  I just ordered a pair through Kyle , hoping to get one last pair from White's before we see dramatic changes from the selling of the company. Well I guess I will see in 6-8 weeks.    Here is the build up : 6" tall Smoke Jumper on a 461 last Upper shaft and toe vamp: distressed smooth medallion toe cap, heel counter and backstay : #8 burgundy CXL standard "cuban" heel, standard height antique...
 I like it...minus the soft toe.
 Thanks !  It was tough trying to understand exactly what my wife was looking for and then relaying it to Kyle.  I was nervous how they would turn out and if she would like them.  I don't really know, it's their 795 last with a pointed toe.  Now seeing distressed brown in person, I think I want a pair of SD's in them.
These came in today after a 6 week wait. The wife is ecstatic over them. I think they turned out awesome...I really like the distressed brown leather. Sorry about the crappy cell pictures. Just to be sure, these are the wife's boots.
My brown dress SD's finally made it out of the office. I wore them the majority of the time this past weekend in northern Michigan.
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