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 I like it...minus the soft toe.
 Thanks !  It was tough trying to understand exactly what my wife was looking for and then relaying it to Kyle.  I was nervous how they would turn out and if she would like them.  I don't really know, it's their 795 last with a pointed toe.  Now seeing distressed brown in person, I think I want a pair of SD's in them.
These came in today after a 6 week wait. The wife is ecstatic over them. I think they turned out awesome...I really like the distressed brown leather. Sorry about the crappy cell pictures. Just to be sure, these are the wife's boots.
My brown dress SD's finally made it out of the office. I wore them the majority of the time this past weekend in northern Michigan.
Ricky,  That is a great looking pair of boots.
 Great pictures !
  Thanks, and it is tempting to look into them, I will keep them in mind.   I work in a business casual environment and can pull off the White's here , don't think I could pull off the Viberg's though. As far as the arch support, I can only speak for myself.  Flat feet and no support equals achy calves and sore back.  Flat feet with support makes me  happy.
 I'm usually around a 10.5 , 11 and I think I'd end up divorced if another pair of boots showed up.  I've recently gotten into bourbons and a steady flow of bottles have been coming in so I don't want to push my luck ! LOL
  Yeah... 310 last in Icy Mocha CXL or Cigar shell Cordovan...I would have to sell a pair or two of my White's to afford that though.
 Yeah , I love the Viberg Service boot, and is that one on a different last than the standard service boot ? The toe seems more upturned.  I loveVibergs, but have stuck with White's because of the arch support.  I have flat feet so that high support really helps.
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